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Happy Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are here! I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah! I’ll be very busy over the next two weeks with writing revisions, but even more exciting, helping my daughter move into her new home. Wow! I’ll be popping in to share with you and I hope you will take a moment to share what you will be doing for the holidays and the upcoming New Year!
Caridad Christmas wishes

#TeaserTuesday #BookBirthday Party for Lucky 7 Hot Heroes

Good morning! I’m going to totally tease you today by telling you that you’ll have to drop by today’s release party for Lucky 7 Hot Heroes for some teasers from my contribution, ONE LAST NIGHT, and lots of chances for giveaways, like gift cards, T-shirts and other goodies.

The party starts at 2 pm EST and I’ll be on from 3 to 4 pm! Come on by! For those not on Facebook or who can’t make it, leave a comment on this blog post with the names of some of the other titles in the set for a chance to win a T-shirt and some other goodies.

You can click here for the Lucky 7 Hot Heroes Release Party or visit this link:

Lucky 7 Hot Heroes Release Party

Taking a Week Off

Going through some stuff right now, so I’ll be taking a week off from blogging. Look for new things next week, including photos of our annual Christmas Tree Hunt and our visit to New York City to see all the holiday sights.

Every Vote Counts Vote America

One of the most cherished moments in my life was becoming a U.S. citizen. It took over 10 years to pass through all the legal hurdles, but it finally happened just weeks before my 18th birthday. Had I turned 18, I would have had to start all over again since I was no longer a minor.

It was an exciting moment to finally become an American. Because of that, I don’t take voting lightly. I vote in every election because every vote does count. Even if you’re in a state that’s red/blue and you vote contrary to that state’s color, VOTE. It’s not a wasted vote if you stand up for what you believe in.

#TeaserTuesday Taming the Vampire #Romance #Boxset

TAMING THE VAMPIRE is now available for download. Thanks to all of you who have purchased it and have helped make it an Amazon Kindle bestseller!

Taming the Vampire Amazon Kindle Bestseller

The anthology is only 99 cents for a limited time and best of all, these are ALL NEW stories! Not re-releases and not available anywhere except in the anthology. You can read more about the anthology here:

You can purchase TAMING THE VAMPIRE at these online retailers:


My contribution to the collection is DARE TO LOVE, a new story in THE CALLING IS REBORN Vampire series. DARE TO LOVE features vampire slayer Benjamin, a sexy alpha hero who first appeared in TO LOVE AND SERVE.

Today I have a teaser for you from TO LOVE AND SERVE. In this scene, Benjamin is helping vampire Ryder Latimer and damphir Michaela investigate the death of another vampire.


    He lived alone for centuries until she came into his life. . .

    Southern vampire Ryder Latimer had never expected to love again or to live again until FBI Agent Diana Reyes came into his life and made him believe it was possible to believe in the future. When a mission goes horribly bad, Ryder risks his life to save his lover. When he takes a bullet for her, he contaminates her with his blood, saving her life, but condemning her to a slow death as his vampire cells take over her body.

    Since her father’s death years earlier, she had dedicated her life to protecting others…

    Diana Reyes’s father had died in her arms and since that date, she’s served others in order to obtain justice and keep the world safe. When sexy Ryder Latimer saunters into her life, he challenges what she believed was meant to be her life. There’s just one problem: Now when she really believes in the possibility of happily-ever-after, her life is slipping away from her and Diana must decide whether to become a vampire in order to stay with the man she loves.


Click here if you cannot see the TO LOVE AND SERVE excerpt below.

Click here for more about TO LOVE AND SERVE.