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Behind the scenes and other info for the At the Shore Contemporary Romance series set on the Jersey Shore and in New York City.

#ManCandyMonday #AttheShore Eduardo Varestegui

I’m one of those authors who does not put up pictures of their characters to have visual confirmation of their looks. Funny because I am a very visual person normally. So the character is always formed in my brain first and when I’m asked to provide photos for the publisher’s art department, I have to start searching for people who look most like the characters in my books.

This weekend I was channel surfing and came across the second Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie. I love Kevin James and decided to give it a go and who was in it but Latin hottie Eduardo Varestegui. Eduardo has been in a number of telenovelas as well as English language movies like Chasing Papi and more recently, Little Boy, which was produced by a production company in which Eduardo is a founder and partner.

I kind of think Eduardo could play Owen Pierce from One Summer Night. Love the dark wavy hair and light eyes (I am a sucker for those!). It kind of matches Owen’s nearly black hair and silvery charcoal grey eyes.
Eduardo Verastegui
Photo Credit: (permission statement at en:User:Tabercil/Luke Ford permission) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Friday! A moment at the #JerseyShore #AttheShore

Happy Friday! It’s so hard to believe that it’s almost July, but I am so excited because this is one of my favorite times of year down the shore. I love all the fireworks displays and parades in the small towns in my area. If you’ll be in the area, here are some dates for you for the upcoming 4th of July events:

July 1, dusk – Manasquan Fireworks
July 3, dusk – Ocean Township Fireworks
July 3, 9 pm – Bradley Beach Fireworks
July 4, 10 am – Ocean Grove Parade
July 4, 9 pm – Asbury Park Fireworks
July 4, 9 pm – Fireworks. Oceanfest is from 10 am to 10 pm

For now I’m leaving you with a video of a quieter time on the Jersey Shore – a gorgeous day in October. Have a safe and happy weekend!

Welcome Summer! #Write Wed

I live for the summer! It’s my favorite time of year for so many reasons. The weather for starters, although I’m not a fan of 90 degree days. The beach. Reading on the beach. Napping on the beach. Writing on my balcony. The flowers. Fresh tomatoes right off the vine. Parades and fireworks. Concerts on the boardwalk. So many many things! I wish summer could last all year long, but then it wouldn’t be so special, would it?

As for writing, I get tons of writing done during the summer months as I sit on my balcony in the early morning quiet. Just love it!

Enjoy the first day of summer and some photos of my fav summer things!

Surfer Kao Smith #ManCandyMonday & Weekend Surf Sounds #AttheShore

Don’t know why, I’ve always been attracted to that blonde surfer type. Of course, hubby looks nothing like that and is not much of a swimmer, but go figure.

Today’s Man Candy is surfer Kao Smith who is a professional surfer and together with his brothers owns The Sunrise Shack on Oahu’s Sunset Beach. The Sunrise Shack specializes in providing “drinks that create health, strength and happiness.”

I think this shot just epitomizes the surfer coming in after a day on the waves. Thanks to Kao’s Instagram for this photo!

Stralia 🇦🇺

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For those of you who might miss some of my weekend posts on Facebook and Instagram, I’m sharing these soothing surf sounds with you today! Just one of the reasons I love the Jersey Shore.

Delicious David Gandy #ManCandyMonday #AtTheShore

I don’t like to repeat, but sometimes someone is just too delicious not to repeat, especially when I see these commercials on TV. Of course, I imagine I’m the lucky girl in that raft or maybe a more empowered version with David in the raft and me jumping off the cliff (NEVER – you all know I hate heights!).

Come to think of it, I could so see David playing Owen Pierce from ONE SUMMER NIGHT. Sigh.

Click here to see the David Gandy Dolce & Gabbana commercial if you can’t see it below!

Jersey Shore Sangria #WineWednesday

With summer hopefully arriving in a few days, I love having a pitcher of sangria ready for when I come off one of the lovely Jersey Shore beaches. It’s a delightful way to cool off on hot summer days and nights. I’ve been playing with the recipe and have created this refreshing variation on the traditional mix! I hope you enjoy it. Why is it Jersey Shore Sangria? ‘Cuz that’s where I drink it the most. LOL!

Caridad’s Jersey Shore Sangria


    1 bottle red wine (a Malbec, Rioja, Cabernet or Pinot Noir will do. For those near a Wegman’s, their $6 Tempranillos, Malbecs and San Giovese will work great in this recipe!)
    1/2 bottle Chilled Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider (or any other sparkling cider)
    2 oranges
    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup grapes


  • Peel oranges. Cut into eighths and then cut the eighths in half. Cut grapes in half. Cut frozen strawberries in half.
  • Place fruit into a pitcher and add wine. Let fruit and wine macerate for at least 10 minutes in the refridgerator. If you can wait longer, the flavors will be better.
  • Add chilled sparkling cider to fruit and wine mixture.
  • Remove some fruit from this mix and place in individual glasses. Pour wine/cider mixture into the glass and serve.

What I like about this mix is that you get the extra fruitiness and sweetness with the addition of the cider and don’t have to add sugar to get that.

Some recipes call for lemon in the mix and also don’t ask you to peel the citrus, but I find that the lemon and the peels make the mix too acidic. For a change of pace, cube some apples and toss them in or go even more tropical with some pineapple and mangop. Change up the recipe with a white wine which is just as tasty. A moscato would be perfect for a white sangria. You can also freeze a whole peeled orange and then toss that into the pitcher to keep the mixture cool, but not have it watered down. Thanks to my sister for that tip!

If you want an extra kick in your sangria, add a shot of either grenadine, creme de cassis, B&B, or Gran Marnier.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Wine Wednesday!

Bradley Beach Memorial Day & June #Giveaway #AtTheShore #ThrowbackThursday

Good morning and happy June! With the sun coming out finally, it truly is a happy way to start the month! Today’s Throwback Thursday is to the Bradley Beach Memorial Day Parade. As I’ve mentioned, Bradley Beach is one of my fav beach towns and its gazebos were an inspiration for those in the At the Shore Contemporary Romance series.

Hope you enjoyed those photos! Also, I’m having a month long contest to celebrate the release of ONE SUMMER NIGHT. You can visit the post below to enter!

One Summer Night June #Giveaway – Okay, you have to know by now how excited I am about my upcoming contemporary #romance…

Posted by Caridad Pineiro Romance Author on Thursday, June 1, 2017