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#FreeRead For Love and Vengeance from the Sorcery and Steam Bundle

I’m taking part in a great new project — the Sorcery and Steam Story Bundle. This bundle is a collection filled with magic, fantasy, suspense, bad guys, mythic creatures, goddesses and a little bit of romance!

My contribution to the story is For Love or Vengeance, a unique story from The Calling is Reborn Vampire series. Unique because the vampires are not at the forefront of the story. Instead we have a Greek Goddess taking the lead in order to help a host of FBI Agents find the Broadway Butcher, a serial killer who is murdering aspiring young actors and musicians. You’ll get to meet Nemesis, the Greek Goddess of Vengeance who has taken human form as FBI Agent Helene Alexander and her partner, Miguel Sanchez.

For those of you who are familiar with The Calling series, you’ll also get to see some old friends again, like FBI Agent Diana Reyes and her vampire lover Ryder Latimer. You’ll be surprised at what’s up in their lives and I hope you’ll take the time to read the next books in the series which take you on a whirlwind ride filled with romance, suspense, and lots of nasty vampires that need to be staked!

Here’s an excerpt from For Love or Vengeance for you from the Sorcery and Steam Story Bundle.


Mount Olympus

The chase was on once again.

Nemesis sensed her father’s growing anger as he sought her out along the halls of Olympus. She had just returned from another mission down on Earth with the humans, her goals twofold. First: to make sure justice was served so that the puny mortals would not fall into chaos and disorder. Second, and possibly more important to her on a personal level: avoiding her father’s rutting ways.

It had been nearly a month since he had taken her, brutally and against her will. Not that it bothered him that he had hurt her, physically and mentally. For that matter, it didn’t seem to bother her mother or any of the other denizens of Olympus, none of whom were bold enough to challenge Zeus.

As Nemesis raced into the furthest wing of the palace nestled amongst the clouds, Zeus’s bellow shook the walls and the ground beneath her bare feet.

To the humans below the sound would seem like thunder, but to the other gods and goddesses lingering about the palace, it instilled fear since they understood such a mood always brought punishment.

Nemesis sped to her room as quickly as she could, wanting to escape back to Earth before Zeus could lay his hands on her once more.

As she opened the door to her chamber, she realized she was too late. Zeus was already there, lying across the center of her bed, his head of golden curls pillowed against his muscled arms. At first glance he seemed the picture of contentment, but when she met his gaze, thunderbolts of fury lit his celestial blue eyes.

“You’ve been ignoring me, daughter,” he said, swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and slowly rising to his towering height. His presence was immense as the force of his energies buffeted her psyche.

She ducked her head, wishing she could disappear into herself. “I’ve been spreading justice as you’ve commanded, Father.”

Zeus laughed and the sound rumbled throughout the palace.

A second later her mother, Hera, flew into the room and came to stand beside her.

“Husband, is something wrong?” her mother asked, the tones of her voice demure since she, too, sensed Zeus’s growing rage.

“Our daughter avoids me. She claims it is because she is on my mission—”

“I am,” Nemesis insisted, raising her head to meet her father’s stormy gaze.

“Silence,” he commanded, and clapped his hands, the noise almost deafening. It shook the clouds beneath their feet and was followed by a bolt of lightning that burst from his palms.

Both she and her mother lowered their heads once more, and with a satisfied huff, Zeus strolled over and circled, inspecting them.
“You say you are on my mission?”

“I am, Father,” Nemesis repeated softly, hating the sense of powerlessness his presence brought.

“Justice must be very important to you,” he said as he tucked his thumb under her chin and urged her head upward.

“It is, Father.”

His gaze bored into her, making her quake with fear that he would come to know the real reason for her determination to be on Earth.

“You enjoy your time with the mortals?” he questioned, arching a brow.

“I spend time with them to do what I must,” she responded, her voice as neutral as she could make it.

“Methinks that is not the only reason, Nemesis.” Obvious displeasure colored his words as he shifted his hand to cradle her jaw and leaned close. “Methinks it is to avoid me, Daughter.”

As if to prove his point, he brought his face near until he nuzzled the skin of her cheek. In low tones, he whispered, “You will not refuse me. I will have you whenever I want.”

Abruptly he pulled away, shooting daggers at her and her mother, who had remained impassive beside her. He paced a step or two before facing them once more. “If keeping the humans in line is so important—”

“It is, Father. It is why—”

“Silence,” he commanded again. “Then you will have no issue with taking a solemn vow to exact justice on Earth.”

With a dip of her head, she answered, “Justice is my sole mission.”

“Our daughter has fulfilled your word admirably, Husband,” Hera said, slipping an arm around Nemesis’s shoulders in a rare sign of support.

Zeus narrowed his eyes as he considered them.

Hera did her best to appear subservient, but she knew he could sense the disobedience hidden beneath her calm surface, as well as her daughter’s. He would brook no such disobedience.

She suspected punishment would not be long in coming.

Leaning close to their daughter, he said, “As part of your vow, you must understand that if you fail, your time on Earth as a goddess will come to an end.”

Nemesis bowed her head. “I understand.”

“No! Wait, Daughter,” Hera cried, but it was too late.

With a blast of lightning, Nemesis was gone from her side, returned to Earth to fulfill the vow she had just made. A vow she had not completely understood in her haste to be away from her father.

“You do not play fair, Husband. She did not comprehend the true terms of her pledge,” Hera chastised, but Zeus only shook his head and laughed, the sound of it like thunder across the sky.

“Fair? All is fair in love and war,” he answered, and with a clap of his hands, disappeared.

Her body trembling with fear and disgust, Hera stumbled to her daughter’s bed and sat. Pressing a hand to the pain in the middle of her chest, she prayed Nemesis could keep her vow.

Justice must be served or else Nemesis would forever be condemned to life as a mortal, with all its inherent dreariness.

But worse, with the promise of death.

A Little More About the Bundle

The initial titles in the Sorcery and Steam Bundle (minimum $5 to purchase) are:

  • Alchemy and Steam by Fiction River
  • Familiarity by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • Poison or Protect by Gail Carriger
  • Blood and Magic by Ann Gimpel

If you pay at least the bonus price of just $15, you get all four of the regular titles, plus SIX more!

  • Specters in the Storm by Pauline Baird Jones
  • Rare Stakes by Michelle Fox
  • Valkyrie’s Vengeance & Hunger Moon – Ragnarok: Doom of the Gods 1-2 by Melissa Snark
  • Ghosted – Nikki Ashburne – Book 1 by Dayle A. Dermatis
  • Alys of Asgard by Catherine Banks
  • For Love or Vengeance by Caridad Pineiro

This bundle is available only for a limited time via It allows easy reading on computers, smartphones, and tablets as well as Kindle and other ereaders via file transfer, email, and other methods. You get multiple DRM-free formats (.epub, .mobi and .pdf) for all books!

It’s also super easy to give the gift of reading with StoryBundle, thanks to our gift cards – which allow you to send someone a code that they can redeem for any future StoryBundle bundle – and timed delivery, which allows you to control exactly when your recipient will get the gift of StoryBundle.

Why StoryBundle? Here are just a few benefits StoryBundle provides.

  • Get quality reads: We’ve chosen works from excellent authors to bundle together in one convenient package.
  • Pay what you want (minimum $5): You decide how much these fantastic books are worth. If you can only spare a little, that’s fine! You’ll still get access to a batch of exceptional titles.
  • Support authors who support DRM-free books: StoryBundle is a platform for authors to get exposure for their works, both for the titles featured in the bundle and for the rest of their catalog. Supporting authors who let you read their books on any device you want—restriction free—will show everyone there’s nothing wrong with ditching DRM.
  • Give to worthy causes: Bundle buyers have a chance to donate a portion of their proceeds to AbleGamers!
  • Receive extra books: If you beat the bonus price, you’ll get the bonus books!

StoryBundle was created to give a platform for independent authors to showcase their work, and a source of quality titles for thirsty readers. StoryBundle works with authors to create bundles of ebooks that can be purchased by readers at their desired price. Before starting StoryBundle, Founder Jason Chen covered technology and software as an editor for and

For more information, visit our website at, tweet us at @storybundle and like us on Facebook.

#Vampire Reborn from The Calling is Reborn #TeaserTuesday

Today’s Teaser Tuesday is a look at VAMPIRE REBORN from THE CALLING IS REBORN Vampire Novel Series. I just love exploring where FBI Agent Diana Reyes and vampire Ryder Latimer are going in their relationship and I hope you’re enjoying it as well. I’ll shortly have DARE TO LOVE, the next installment in the series, up for you and will be working on FIGHT FOR LOVE, the next step in Diana and Ryder’s story, for late 2017.

Here’s a little teaser from VAMPIRE REBORN.


Although his vampire blood called on him to rest during the day, Ryder regularly fought that need in his desire to be more human. To share time with Diana the way normal couples did. He had worked at his desk in the morning, checking on his various investments, and now the two of them were in the gym, working out.

Ryder moved through the steps in the kata, Diana beside him, shifting in unison.

A left turn to face forward followed by a low block with the left hand.

A step ahead with a sharp right-handed punch.

A quick whirl and back to the front for another low block.

They glided, pushed forward and back, almost as if in a ballet.

Pivot, forward, punch, and then retreat.

An upper cut followed by a drop of the hands to the hips with another one hundred eighty degree turn and a double high block.

From the corner of his eye, he measured Diana’s movements and strength since he hadn’t been the only one who had almost lost his life weeks earlier.

Not that you could tell from her fluid and powerful movements. There wasn’t a hint of hesitation or fragility to attest to the fact that his wife had not only been on death’s door, but that she’d recently given birth. Well, almost nothing. Her warrior’s body wore its lean muscled strength nicely, but the womanly curves were ever more rounded, especially her breasts.

Her command came in his head through their shared connection. Focus.

The warning made him stumble through the final punch and slide of the kata, but he recovered to end it gracefully.

They faced each other and bowed to acknowledge the completion of the exercise.

With the kata finished, she grinned and rolled her eyes. “Men. Show a little tit and it totally throws you off.”

Reaching out, he playfully squeezed her breast and said, “Nothing little about those.”

She slapped at him and he recognized the invitation in her gaze. “Think you can boss me around?” he asked.

“I know I can, remember?”

Yeah, he remembered all right. She’d beaten him more than once during their workouts, but he’d been training hard and this time, he planned on coming out on top. Literally.

“Prove it,” he challenged and put his hands up in a fighting stance.
She arched a brow and her demeanor grew a tad too serious for his taste. “Are you sure?”

“If you’re meaning to ask if I’m up to it – ”

“Are you?” she asked, but raised her hands and braced her legs slightly apart, ready for battle.

Her words stung more than any punch she could have landed. “Don’t patronize me, darlin’. I’m fit enough to protect you and Charlie.”


The new additions to The Calling is Reborn series are free for Kindle Unlimited members. You can order them here:

For Love or Vengeance:
To Love and Serve:
Born to Love:
Die for Love:
Vampire Reborn:
The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novels Box Set: For Love or Vengeance, To Love and Serve, Born to Love:

#TravelTuesday More than a Mission & Secret Agent Reunion

Several years back I was lucky enough to be part of a romantic suspense series from Harlequin that included MORE THAN A MISSION and SECRET AGENT REUNION. I loved writing these stories set on a fictional island as well as London and Rome. Especially MORE THAN A MISSION which is one of my personal favorites and was also turned into a comic in both Japanese and Chinese!

These were emotional stories about sisterly love and devotion and of course, romances with strong alpha heroes and action-packed suspense. Plus, they gave me an opportunity to do some first hand research in London and Rome. While I was in London, I also did research for another romantic suspense book that I had planned to revolve around the Knights Templar. That book is still in my ideas journal and I hope to get back to it one day when I have more time to write.

For today, on this Travel Tuesday, I’m sharing some photos from the places I visited and which inspired MORE THAN A MISSION and SECRET AGENT REUNION and will eventually make it into another book! For now, I want to leave you with these images. Just click on a thumbnail to see the full photo!

#WriteWed It’s another edition of #ManWars!

Happy #Humpday! Come and join me on Facebook for another edition of Man Wars! This is Zack, the hero from my upcoming summer release in the Take a Chance series, Embrace the Night.

Happy #Humpday and welcome to another edition of #ManWars! with the awesome Kelly Moran Books. First though, Congrats to…

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#FreebieFriday TAMING THE BACHELOR Contemporary Romance

Taming the BachelorGood morning! We’re finally having some warmer weather and I can’t wait for spring and summer to be here. My upcoming April 1 re-release, TAMING THE BACHELOR, is a contemporary romance set along the Jersey Shore during the summer. It’s specially priced for 99 cents until April 15.

This book is also part of the Jersey Girls Contemporary Romance Box Set which releases on April 15. The boxset is specially priced at 2.99 as well! That’s just 99 cents per novel.

Here’s a little bit more about TAMING THE BACHELOR and a little something special for you! Leave a comment on this blog and if you’re one of the first 30 comments, I’ll send you an e-copy of TAMING THE BACHELOR.


Romantic Times – 4 Stars: “Daisy Ramos is a gorgeous genius who works with her equally gorgeous partner Brad Evans. But Brad is a known bachelor and Daisy has her doubts whether he will ever give up being a bachelor for her or anyone else. Can Brad convince Daisy that he is ready to get serious and that he wants to share his life with her and only her? . . . enticing sensual tale.”

Affaire de Coeur: “(E)ven more charm than its predecessor. . . Worth picking up!”


Brad Evans doesn’t understand why a woman like Daisy Ramos would be interested in a guy like him. . .

She’s the first woman who’s ever made him consider giving up his beloved bachelorhood, but falling for her presents all kinds of problems. For starters, she’s one of his partners in a successful biotech company. But worse, she’s the kind of woman who will drive a man to distraction and Brad’s not sure he can risk losing his focus or his heart to Daisy. But he can’t ignore that whenever she walks into a room, he wishes things could be different between them.

Daisy doesn’t believe that a confirmed bachelor and beach dude like Brad will ever walk down the aisle . . .

Especially not with a woman like her. She’s known Brad for years and knows he’s never serious about anything. He flits from one woman to another and spends his free time playing volleyball on the beach. He’s not a forever kind of guy and her determined workaholic mind warns her that he’s absolutely the wrong man for her, but her heart says something else.

You can purchase TAMING THE BACHELOR at these retailers:

Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:

#TeaserTuesday ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE Video Trailer & Lucky 7 Brazen Bachelors Release Day!

Brazen BachelorsIt’s our release day for the Lucky 7 Brazen Bachelors Contemporary Romance Box Set! Yeah! So excited! This box set is a collection of novellas featuring sexy bachelors who are determined to have it all. I’m honored and excited to be in the set with my friends again! My contribution to the Lucky 7 set is JUST ONE NIGHT, my sexy story with Marine bachelor Jase Hart. JUST ONE NIGHT is the first novella in the Take a Chance military romance series.

The Lucky 7 Brazen Bachelors Box Set is available at the following retailers:
Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:

Since this is a Teaser Tuesday, I wanted to share with you this little video trailer tease that I did for ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE, the latest release in the Take a Chance series.

Please click here if you cannot see the ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE video trailer below.

ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE is available at these online retailers!

Amazon UK:
Amazon CA:

#ManCandyMonday The Heroes of the Take a Chance Series & Release Day


Thank you so so much for the wonderful reception you’ve given to the Take a Chance erotic military romance series. I am so pleased that you are enjoying these sexy and emotional stories! The next release in the series, ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE, is available TODAY. I think you’ll love this story about Army Staff Sargent Bridget Sullivan and retired Navy Captain Mark Smith and a night that brings them both more than what they expected, but totally what they wanted.

Since today is Man Candy Monday, I’ve got a little video for you with all the sexy heroes of the Take a Chance series! Click here if you cannot see the Take a Chance Heroes Video.


She wasn’t the kind of woman who wore fancy dresses or did one night
stands. . .

Bridget Sullivan preferred her Army uniform and work boots to elegant evening gowns. Getting all done up for some fancy Memorial Day gala wasn’t in her plans, but it’s hard to resist the thought of seeing handsome retired Navy Captain Mark Smith again. It also means spending time with the cadre of ex-military friends who have made her return to civilian life a little easier to handle. But when Mark presses for more, will she break her rigid rules for one sexy night?

The only thing he likes better than a woman in uniform is seeing her out of it . . .

Especially if it’s sexy Staff Sergeant Bridget Sullivan. Since meeting Bridget a month earlier, Mark Smith has been attracted to the gorgeous woman who seems intent on hiding her beauty and her courage. Bridget’s determination to make it in a usually male world, from her choice of the Army to her current construction job, intrigues Mark. When Bridget sheds her muddy jeans and sneakers for sexy high heels and a slit-to-there dress, Mark is more than willing to help her explore her new feminine side. But can one night of pleasure lead to more?

You can buy ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE at the following retailers!

Amazon UK:
Amazon CA: