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#FridayFact – Minister of Loneliness & a Ban on Best Friends?

This goes in the “You can’t make this stuff up” bucket. The U.K. just appointed a Minister of Loneliness to deal with the results of a study that found over 9 million Brits “often or always feel lonely” according to the NY Times (see At the same time, a British parenting expert supports a ban on “best friends” in school (see

Hmmm. No best friends and more loneliness. Could there by a correlation? I’d love to hear what you have to say about it!

Best Friends Forever

#FunFriday – Chase Away the Winter Chill with ONE SUMMER NIGHT

Chase away the winter chill with this awesome beach read and save some money for holiday shopping as well! My publisher has dropped the price of ONE SUMMER NIGHT to .99 cents for a limited time! Please check out ONE SUMMER NIGHT at the following retailers:

#FunFriday – Annual Christmas Outing

Every year we do our annual Christmas outing to get our tree, a new ornament, and then head into New York City to see all the windows, visit favorite places, and check out the Nutcracker ballet. It’s always a fun day! Here is a video I put together from this year’s outing.

Also, you can now read the first three chapters of ONE SUMMER NIGHT for free at Radish Fiction! Check out it by clicking here or following this link:

#FunFriday – A visit to the bookstore

As a book lover, walking into a bookstore is an experience for me. Walking around smelling all the books. Seeing all the covers. Checking out what’s on the shelves. I love it and of course, it makes for a long visit. If hubby is with me, he waits patiently. And waits. And waits. This photo shows how he probably feels during all that waiting. LOL! Have a great weekend!

husband at the bookstore

#FunFriday Sexy or not? You pick the teaser!

I’ve always been partial to stories that have a little sexiness because I not only like seeing how the emotional relationship develops in a romance, but where it leads. I also like romances where the hero and heroine are equals in the relationship, supporting and helping each other through tough times. That’s the vibe I was striving for in ONE SUMMER NIGHT. A blend of partnership, sexiness, playfulness and tenderness. So how do I get that point across? Take a look at these teasers and let me know which one you prefer. The top one or the bottom or both? Which one grabs you?

ONE SUMMER NIGHT is available at these retailers:

Amazon Kindle:
Amazon Paperback:

#FunFriday One Summer Night Release Celebration Continues!

OMG it’s hard to believe release week is almost over! It’s been so exciting and thank you all so so much for taking this journey with me. As I’ve said before, YOU are one of the best reasons for continuing to write. I love hearing from you and spending time with you! I hope I’ll get to see you at some of my upcoming events! In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out ONE SUMMER NIGHT which has been getting some rave reviews including this one from RT Book Reviews:

Upcoming Events

#FridayFun Happy Friday!

It has been a long and tiring week! I’ve been a writing demon and also juggling a lot of things at work! I’m glad it’s Friday because it’s Saturday Eve. That means the weekend is here and even better, tomorrow is the monthly Liberty States Fiction Writers meeting. Looking forward to it! Hope you all have a good weekend. Don’t forget to checkout the contest on my Facebook Fan Page as well as the One Summer Night Pre-order Blitz Contest.