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#WisdomWednesday Nothing Worthwhile is Ever Easy

My mom was an amazing lady. She had courage and wisdom that inspired me throughout my entire life. She told me that anything was possible if I worked at it hard enough. She also told me that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. She was right about both. Whether it’s a relationship or being a writer or trying to lose weight, it’s not easy, but if I want it and since it’s worthwhile, I need to not give up!

Mindfulness aka Stop and Smell the Roses #WisdomWednesday

Yesterday I chatted about my weight gain and one of the things that I’ve been doing is being more mindful of what I eat and why. When my mom got cancer, I ate to bury the pain and the stress. That packed on a lot of pounds. I lost them. And then something else happened (or didn’t) and I gained them back. There was a lot of not paying attention to what I was doing or paying too much attention to every little calorie to the point where it became frustrating.

Being more mindful, more in the now and aware of the present, is something I’ve been trying to apply to my eating. Why am I eating? Is it because I am hungry? What am I doing when I’m eating? Watching TV?

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of the food, its taste and scent. Eating it more slowly and enjoying every bite. Making meals count instead of just gobbling them down.

That mindfulness applies to other things as well. Not running around so much and taking time to stop and smell the roses. Living more each day by being grateful for all that I have. Little things like that.

Just some thoughts for you on this Wisdom Wednesday.

The Writing Blizzard #WisdomWednesday

From that day in the fifth grade when my English teacher assigned our class project – to write a book – I knew I wanted to be a writer. I’d always been an avid reader, but until that day, it hadn’t occurred to me that the stories in my head could become a story that one day others would read.

I kept at it through high school, college, and law school. The child of immigrant parents and an immigrant myself, education was important, but so was a career that would pay the bills. My parents, especially my mom, didn’t think writing would do it and I am eternally grateful that I was an obedient child since my day job has provided me with many wonderful opportunities.

But so did the world of writing. New friends and new places to visit. Of course, that was balanced out by something I didn’t expect: the writing blizzard. The flurries of ideas that might not ever become anything more. The avalanche of rejection letters that gave way to an even greater avalanche of edits, marketing demands, business obligations, and more.

A lot of new writers I meet think that getting published is the hard part. I gently try to prepare them for the greater blizzard of work that comes after publication.

But if writing is your passion, you put your head down and weather the blizzard because something bright and wonderful emerges from the storm: a new story.

And then the blizzard begins all over again!