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The revision and editing process will often result in scenes either getting lost on the cutting room floor or being changed from the writer’s original vision. On this page, you will find either those deleted bits or what I’d like to call the Director’s Cut — the original version of scenes that were later edited.

You will also find some free reads from some other projects that I’ve been working on!

DELETED BITS and New Reads for THE CALLING Vampire Series:

Other DELETED BITS from various novels

    **SPOILER ALERT for MORE THAN A MISSION** Elizabeth Moore has a twin sister in MORE THAN A MISSION — Danielle Moore — known by everyone as Dani. Dani’s first appearance in MORE THAN A MISSION was cut because there was concern that it would immediately give away who was actually the world-renowned assassin known as The Sparrow. Click here to read this deleted bit.
    When I first wrote SEX AND THE SOUTH BEACH CHICAS, there was a very special night between Tori and Gil. The night had been provided by Tori’s three friends to help Tori get over the pain of her family’s anger at her elopement. Much like Tori’s friends, I wanted the night between Tori and Gil to be special — both sexually and emotionally. Click here for this deleted bit!
    I had wanted to include more of the backstory between Virginia, Sylvia’s mom, and Pablo, her polo-playing lover and ex-husband. Unfortunately, that took away from the focus of the book being on Sylvia so those early scenes were cut. Here’s one of them, however, showing the background on Sylvia’s sexy South Beach Mama. Click here for this deleted bit!

    UNDEAD UPRISING, a free urban fantasy read

    UNDEAD UPRISING, a free urban fantasy readNot all books end up being acquired, even when you think you’ve really got something special. UNDEAD UPRISING was such a novel. It’s my urban fantasy concept involving a twist to the werewolf mythology, battles with vampires and a struggle for control in a werewolf pack. I absolutely loved the heroine, Catalina, and couldn’t just let this project sit in a drawer, so I decided to share it with you as a free read. I hope you will enjoy these free chapters that I’m offering you.