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September 11 2001 – Never Forget

It’s Monday so I’m sure you were expecting a different kind of post, but it’s also September 11th and for me that will forever be a day of remembrance and mourning.

As I got off the train this morning and saw the date on the platform monitor, it occurred to me that this day was much like that day for me and so many others. We got up. We dressed. We went to work. For others, they might have been getting on a plane to go home or to a business meeting or to take a vacation. Everyday things until the unthinkable happened.

I remember standing in my office, wondering how a plane could have hit the first tower. I remember seeing the second plane flying through the canyons created by New York City skyscrapers before it hit the second tower in something that looked out of a Hollywood movie. Only it was no movie. It was painful reality.

Each minute of that day is indelibly etched on my mind as are the painful memories of the days and months that followed. The smiling faces of friends, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and children staring out from posters that hopeful family members had stuck onto lamp posts and bus stops. Trying to explain to my daughter what had happened and why it was that some people could hate others so much just for being American.

American. I am Cuban by birth but American by choice. I bleed the red, white and blue of America. In the days and months that followed, I was, like so many others, proud of how Americans of all races, ethnicities, and religions came together to confront the tragedy that had occurred.

United we stood and mourned, but also rebuilt. It is time to once again come together and remember that no matter what our political views, races, ethnicities or religions we are all one thing: American.

God bless those lost on that day and since then. The many first responders who gave all on September 11th and after, working the pile. God bless our military men, women, and families for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. God bless our police and firefighters for the difficult work that they do. Most of all, God Bless America and keep her safe.

September 11th

#ManCandyMonday Congratulations Hall of Famer Mike Piazza

I love Mike Piazza! I have his jersey. His and David Wright’s. Two great guys who played with all their heart for the Mets.

Mike was signed to the Dodgers as a favor, but he soon earned his spot with his powerful hitting. In fact, he’s the best hitting catcher of all time.

My most memorable moment of Mike as a Met was at the first game being held at Shea Stadium after September 11th. With the Mets down in the eighth inning, Mike came up to the plate and hit a home run to give the Mets the lead over the Braves.

Mike spent over eight years with the Mets and was inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend as a Met, joining Tom Seaver as the only other Met in the Hall of Fame.

You go, Mike! You can click here to read highlights from Mike’s emotional and wonderful Hall of Fame speech.

Mike Piazza Mets Hall of Famer

Remembering 9-11 and My Mom

This time of year was always tough for me. September 10th is my mom’s birthday. A mom I lost to cancer when she was only 54. I was 22. It was a time in our lives we should have been celebrating. I had just graduated college and was on my way to law school. My mom had planned on trying to fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer and joining me there somehow in the next year or so.

My sister was entering her final year of school and my mom was so close to seeing her dream of having both her daughters get college degrees. Education was a big thing with my mom.

So was the American Dream. My boss, who knew my mother quite well, used to kid me that my mom was more American than most Americans. He was right.

My mom understood the gift she had been given by being able to come to this country. She struggled hard to bring my sister, grandparents, and me here. It wasn’t an easy journey, but my mother never stopped believing in her dreams.

I guess that’s what makes September 11 so hard for me in many ways. On a personal level, seeing it happen before my eyes is something that I will never forget.

On a much bigger scale, the events of 9-11 attacked something as dear to me as my mother and my family.


I am my mother’s daughter in so many ways. More American than most Americans some might say. But then again, America has shaped so much of who I am. What I am.

I am the American Dream. I’ve lived it. I believe in it.

My mother always told me that any dream was achievable so long as I was willing to work hard for it.

I still believe that. It may not be easy at times. It hasn’t been easy at times, but yet I still believe because to lose that dream is to lose America.

That’s something I refuse to do.

So on this day, reflect on what America means to you. Reflect on what it meant to the people in those Towers, many from other countries eager to be here. Remember those who sacrificed so much to try and save others, from the civilians in the Towers to our brave firefighters, police and first responders. Remember the heroes on Flight 93 who gave all to save others and our men and women in the Pentagon.

Remember those who sacrifice in other ways to keep us free, namely our military men, women, and their families.

Don’t lose sight of all that America has offered to so many and what it can still offer if you believe in its basic promise: Work hard and your dreams can come true.

Remember and never forget.