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#TeaserTuesday EMBRACE THE NIGHT Military Romance

EmbracetheNightIt was difficult for me to write EMBRACE THE NIGHT. The Army hero, Zack Taylor, is a below-the-knee amputee and imagining how he would feel as he returns to civilian life was tough. I also did a good amount of research to learn about how Zack would do some of the activities he used to do before he was wounded in battle.

It was also rough to handle the heroine, Samantha Whittaker. You met Samantha in ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE and she is as wounded as Zack, but just in a different way.

In EMBRACE THE NIGHT, these two find the strength to deal with their physical and emotional wounds through the power of love. I hope you’ll check out this new novella in the TAKE A CHANCE military romance series.

I’m happy to say that this story is also part of the awesome HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO box set that’s specially priced at 99 cents and also available through Kindle Unlimited.


You can click here to read the EMBRACE THE NIGHT excerpt if you cannot see it below.

#WriteWed Struggling with Fear

When I first decided that I would have an amputee hero in my upcoming release, EMBRACE THE NIGHT, it was because I wanted to explore how someone handles such a life-changing situation and how they restore balance to their lives. To do this I watched a number of videos about below-the-knee amputees like Zack, my hero, and read a lot about heroes with such wounds and what their lives were like now.

It’s been uplifting in so many ways and scary. I find myself wondering if I can truly do justice to the character in my story. In reality, although physically wounded, Zack is actually the more together of the two protagonists. The heroine, Samantha Whittaker, has still not dealt with the emotional wounds from her time in the Navy.

Sigh. My fear of not doing these characters justice has me stumbling, but as Samantha just realized in the latest scene I wrote, you can’t let fear stop you from taking a chance on something important.

I hope I can remember that as I continue their story. I hope to finish it in the next few weeks and have it for you in early May. For now, here is an inspiring moment with Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess on Dancing with the Stars.