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Thursday 13 – Breaking up is hard to do…

The blog tour continues! Don’t forget to visit The Jeep Diva today to find out what she has to say about THE LOST and for a chance to win a LOST T-shirt or copy of my upcoming e-book, ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.

Also, tonight I have Anjanette Delgado with me for a live video event and we’ll be talking about break-ups, fixes for broken hearts and her latest release, THE HEARTBREAK PILL which explores what happens when one woman seems to find a cure for her break-up pain.

So for today’s Thursday 13, I’ve got a list of things you do when you break up!

1. Sing out loud to Gloria Gaynor’s I WILL SURVIVE
2. Get chip-faced like Sandra Bullock in MISS CONGENIALITY
3. Move to Tuscany and start a new life
4. Cry. A lot.
5. Go to the gym and beat the crap out of the boxing bag.
6. Eat chocolate.
7. Drink wine.
8. Find a new guy and hope he isn’t just a rebound guy.
9. Go out with friends and cry some more, drink some more wine.
10. Read a good romance.
11. Watch DIRTY DANCING six or seven times a day (like THE NEW GIRL)
12. Cry some more.
13. Get over it and move on.

Share your break-up remedies by leaving a comment here on the blog or even better, join Anjanette and me tonight as we talk about heartbreak and some remedies!

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Heartbreak & Contest Winners!

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We’ll also be having some fun little giveaways, including a copy of THE FIFTH KINGDOM, my romantic suspense and a copy of A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS which hits shelves on Oct. 18th!

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Fun & Fandom

I’ve been counting the weeks until last weekend which I knew was going to be fun and filled with lots of SQUEEE moments! Why the SQUEEE! Well, my buddies and I planned to go down to Boonsboro, Maryland to get our copies of the just released FROM NEW YORK TO DALLAS, the next book in my favoritest IN DEATH series.

We started our journey with lots and lots of traffic which unfortunately made for a late check-in at the INN AT BOONSBORO ON THE SQUARE which is partially owned by Ms. Roberts.

Each of the rooms in the Inn is themed to a book and my friend and I were lucky to be in the Nick & Nora suite (although we coveted the Eve and Roarke suite across the way! LOL!) The room was gorgeous as was the inn and the innkeepers, Suzie and Patty, made us feel like we were at home.

For some more pictures of the inn (including one of the control panel for the toilet!), you can click here.

Of course, then there came the SQUEEE! moment as we got to meet and talk to Nora and get our picture with her. SQUEEE!

We had a wonderful time and are so looking forward to going again!

The next day was likewise a lot of fun as I was due to sign and do a reading at the Brooklyn Book Festival with the wonderful Comadres group and La Casa Azul bookstore.

I had a great time with old friends like Sofia Quintero as well as making new friends with Daisy Martinez, from DAISY COOKS!, as well as Carmen Mojica Fabian, Charlie Vasquez and Justin Torres.

Speaking of friends, please drop by tomorrow when I’ll have Bonnie Lea Elliott coming by for a guest blog and join me and Anjanette Delgado on Thursday, Sept 22 at 9 pm EST as we talk about break-ups, men and all other kinds of sexy fun things during our next live video event. If you can’t see the widget below, you can use this link: http://t.wbx.me/f8qgs