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My Best Friend & Buffy #ThrowbackThursday

My daughter and I used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer together off and on. Me more than my daughter, but she indulged me about it. This is a photo of us all dressed and ready for the Season 6 premiere. We had a fun time watching at our little party and even had some friends join us for the show.

Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the show first came on the air.

Buffy Premiere Party

#ThrowbackThursday A Hawaii Anniversary Trip

Hubby and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii and many many many years later, returned for an anniversary trip. One of the things I loved doing was going snorkeling to see all the fish. This is a photo of me, all ready to hit the water and see the fish.
Hawaii Snorkeling

Here is some video I shot while snorkeling! Click here if you cannot see the video below or follow this link: https://youtu.be/i_V6mz0fBmo

#ThrowbackThursday A Trip to Hawaii and a Labor Day #Giveaway

Good morning! It’s a rainy morning here in NYC, but it can dim how excited I am about the upcoming Labor Day weekend, a fabulous giveaway that I’m having with some friends and the memories of an awesome anniversary trip to Hawaii! So first, this throwback to that trip! This photo always reminds me of the serene nights we spent on Maui during our anniversary trip. Maui was lovely and we had a great time exploring the island and just relaxing. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this amazing state, I hope you get a chance to go.

Labor Day Giveaway

And now, who’s ready for an awesome giveaweay??? We’re having a Labor Day Celebration that starts in just *1* Day! Make sure you tell your friends!


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Awesome right???

*** Entry will start 6am Sept 2nd and close at midnight Sept 5th! Click here for more into and details on how to enter!***

#ThrowbackThursday A Tropical Honeymoon

Wow, it seems like yesterday, but it isn’t! Hubby and I treated ourselves to a honeymoon in Hawaii and had a lovely time. So much so that we did another visit to Hawaii for an anniversary. Our first trip was to Oahu and our second was to Maui. I have to say I liked Oahu a lot better since there was more to do. Hubby and I are not sit by the pool people. We like to see and visit local spots and Oahu certainly had a lot of them. Besides Pearl Harbor, which was an incredibly moving experience, we enjoyed snorkeling in Hanauma Bay and an intimate luau (Just us and 5,000 other close friends!). Okay, it wasn’t 5000, but it certainly wasn’t “intimate.”

Here is a photo of us on that first trip! I think this was on a dinner cruise that we did.

#WriteWed Inspiration for Nickie from Just One Night

Just One Night New Adult Erotic Romance by Caridad PineiroWhen I decided to write a story about twentysomethings who had to make tough choices, it was difficult to find the kinds of professions where the hero and heroine might have to choose between love and their careers.

When it came to the hero, I had been inspired to make him a Marine from my days at Villanova with their ROTC program.

The inspiration for Nickie, the medical school student, likewise came from my days at college. I was a science major who intended to go to med school. Went the whole route of taking the MCATs and applying. Interviewed and was wait-listed at Columbia.

In the meantime I started working at a law firm to earn some money to pay for food, school, and stuff. That’s where I discovered my love of Intellectual Property law and decided to go to law school. Being a lawyer gave me reasons to truly embrace a path to a writing career and publishing my first book.

So even though God closed the door to med school, he gave me a path to take me to where I am today.

Anyway, back to Nickie. Being in med school was going to be tough for her and also tough for any relationship with someone who wasn’t going to be around. I knew that this would be perfect for the story in Just One Night, especially since it points out some of the things Jase and Nickie have in common. They both are strong and protective and they both want to help others. Perfect.

I hoped you liked this little #WriteWed behind the scenes from Just One Night.

Just one other thing! Today’s my anniversary, so I’m sharing with you this photo from our wedding day which was so so many years ago. Wow. I can’t believe it’s been that long since I met my hubby during our Villanova days.

Free Friday Goodies

booksurpriseFor today’s Fun Friday, I’ve got a bunch of links for you to download some free books!

Harlequin is having its 60th anniversary celebration and you can click here or cut and paste this link to download the novels:

Mills & Boon is celebrating the anniversary of their e-book program by offering a number of free downloads. You can click here or cut and paste this link to download the novels: http://www.everyonesreading.com/

While you’re at Mills & Boon, also click on COMPETITIONS to sign up for the SONY E-reader contest!

For Harlequin and Mills & Boon you will need to have Adobe Digital Editions (download is free at www.adobe.com)

Barnes & Noble has a number of free audio books and short stories that you can download! You can click here or cut and paste this link to download the novels: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/cdsii/cdsPageTransfer.asp?uid=379001389&key=Free-Audiobook-MP3-Downloads&rv=1

Barnes & Noble also has a number of free e-books to celebrate the launch of its new e-book store. You can click here or cut and paste this link to download the novels: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/Free-eBooks/379001668/?cds2Pid=28339&linkid=1461021. The Harlequin books here may duplicate those at the Harlequin site, so doublecheck. Also, you will need the B&N e-reader which you can click here to get.

Looking for the classics and don’t mind reading online? Try www.pagebypagebooks.com for collections of classic literature.

Hope this helps you not bust the budget! Have a great weekend.

Guest Blogging

blog1I’m a firm believer that one of the most effective ways for any writer to spread the word about themselves is via the Internet.

Whether you do it by having a website or blog, doing press releases or video trailers, the Net is the way to get more bang for your buck. Another of those ways is by doing guest blogging on other people’s sites.

How do you go about doing guest blogging? First, build a network of connections. Reach out to friends with blogs or visit blogs that you find interesting and ask them what you need to do to be a guest blogger.

I’ve done that recently and am guest blogging at two sites this week! For those of you who visit those sites and leave a message, you’ll be eligible for a drawing to win a CALLING T-shirt, copy of DESIRE CALLS and SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD. Just leave a comment at either of these blogs!

http://bronzeword.wordpress.com/ – Just mention Caridad sent you on the blog!

TRC Reading Blogpspot – I’ll be blogging there tomorrow to discuss FURY CALLS, so please drop by and leave a comment.

Sign up with one of the promotion companies that will put together a blog tour for you. I’ve used my friend Dorothy Thompson’s service, PUMP UP YOUR PROMOTIONS, and she does a nice job!

Hope this Tuesday Tip gives you some ideas for your next book promo.

Also — Harlequin is celebrating it’s 60th Anniversary and to do so, it is giving away 16 free books — one from each of its imprints. Click on the icon below to get your free books or visit www.HarlequinCelebrates.com.

Click here for free books!