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#WriteWed Jersey Girl Bridemaids #JerseyShore Mansion

I love my little part of the Jersey Shore and you’ve seen lots of it in various stories, like the Sin Hunter series and the Take a Chance series. The heroine of the first book in the Jersey Girl Bridesmaids may live in New York City, but her heart is on the Jersey Shore in the mansion where she used to spend summers with her grandparents.

That mansion is going to be set in Sea Girt, an absolutely lovely community in Monmouth County, New Jersey. It has a restored lighthouse, a National Guard Training Center, the beautiful Beacon House Inn, and many wonderful beach homes, including ones with direct access to the beach (something you don’t have in many of the other towns in this area).

Both the hero and heroine have homes here, large ones with lots of space around them. I imagine the homes being built right around the time of Prohibition, with a Victorian feel. Who knows if their ancestors even made some extra money running rum or other alcohol along this part of the shore!

For my #WriteWed this morning, I’m sharing with you some photos of homes in the Monmouth County area so you can get a feel for the architecture of this part of the Jersey Shore.