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#FunFriday A Wedding a la Beauty & the Beast

My two fav animated features are Beauty and the Beast and Anastasia. Seeing live action versions of my two favs this year has been AMAZING! I know I’m not the only who loves these movies given the fandom at the movie theater for B&B and the amazing lines and responses of attendees at the Broadway version of Anastasia!

But now, for some Friday Fun, a couple whose real live B&B wedding was gorgeous! Check it out. If you can’t see the video below, click here to see the Beauty & the Beast Wedding or use this link: http://7ny.tv/2qeiNNp

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#FunFriday Anastasia the Musical is finally here!

If there was something we were waiting for more than the live action Beauty and the Beast, it was one of our absolute favorite movies finally making to Broadway: Anastasia!

My daughter and I loved the songs, the history and of course, the romance. It was such an awesome animated movie. When we heard there was talk of a Broadway show, we waited and waited and tomorrow, the big day is finally here! We are going to see Anastasia on Broadway! Yeah!

Here is one of the amazing songs from this movie. Click here if you cannot see the Anastasia video below or use this link: https://youtu.be/RkmYWdz75JY

#ThrowbackThursday A Visit with Gloria Estefan

My daughter and I love Gloria! Well, I guess I loved her first and kind of got my daughter in love. We recently went to see GET ON YOUR FEET and it was great and very interesting. Gloria and her husband Emilio have had both difficult and amazing times and to see their story set to their songs was both inspiring and amazing. We were almost dancing in our seats until the very end when we were up and dancing and cheering with the rest of the theatergoers.

This photo was snapped when we were on our way to a concert in NYC.

Fun Friday – Fashion Night Out

It’s not often I get to play tourist in New York City, but tonight is one of those nights! Tonight is Fashion’s Night Out in NYC and I’m hoping we’ll be able to take in some of the sights since we also scored some discount tickets to THE ADDAMS FAMILY. (If you’re in the city on Sunday, you can catch the cast performing “Just Around The Corner” @ 11:30AM @ Broadway on Broadway In Times Square!)

It’s a treat since we’ve all been hard at work and need a little break. I also find these little mini-vacations quite creatively stimulating so I’m hoping they’ll help with the various revisions I’m doing as well as the assorted last minute details for the upcoming release of STRONGER THAN SIN.

If you’re in the area it’s not too late to do Fashion’s Night Out. Events start at 6 pm. and you can map out an itinerary by clicking here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!