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#WriteWed Always a Bridesmaid Series Inspiration

I am so so excited to say that I’ve accepted an offer from Sourcebooks for a new contemporary romance series – ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID. The series is about the last three unmarried friends and what happens as one by one, they possibly find the man who might provide the Happily-Ever-After.

The series was inspired by my daughter and her friends since they are all in various stages of dating, getting engaged, and getting married. I thought it might be fun to explore that moment in time and what happens as friends’ relationships change.

Another fun thing – the stories have a hometown feel even though they are set in different parts of New York City. I really love sharing the unique neighborhoods in New York so the stories will move from upscale places like Chelsea and Gramercy Park to more blue collar neighborhoods in Spanish Harlem and Brooklyn.

The stories will also show the diversity of New York City with the first story being about very wealthy old money families to the second story about an up-and-coming Latino family and finally, the third story highlights a big boisterous Italian family!

I am so excited about this series and about being part of the Sourcebooks family. If you’d like to know more about them, visit the Sourcebooks website and also, the fabulous Casablanca Authors website with so many wonderful Sourcebooks authors.

I’m having a little fun with the announcement this morning, so here’s a banner for you! Nope, this isn’t the cover! We haven’t even gotten to that stage yet! I will let you know as soon as we’ve decided on a release date for the series.

#TuesdayTip National Bagel Day

Oooh, bagels. Those crusty, chewy, tasty treats! I’ve been watching my carbs because I do see a difference in my body when I eat them, but today I made an exception since it’s NATIONAL BAGEL DAY! Happiness.

So how can you have bagels more often if you are trying to be healthier. This Tuesday I have some tips for you.

    1. See if there is a whole grain/multi grain option.
    2. Scoop out the center stuff and just leave the crusty goodness. You can eliminate close to half the calories (around 400 for a regular bagel) and you get the sense of eating more by doing this instead of just eating half a bagel.
    3. Choose a non-animal fat spread, like mashed avocados or a natural nut butter. Hint on the “natural” nut butters: Read the label. If you’re getting a natural peanut butter it should have just one ingredient: Peanuts. You’d be surprised by what some of the “natural” nut butters actually contain.
    4. Add an egg or other low-fat meat protein, like a lean prosciutto or Canadian ham.
    5. Use a low fat/non fat cream cheese.

Ever wonder how bagels are made? Click here to check out this cool movie about Brooklyn Bagels or watch it below!



#FoodieFriday Egg Creams & Business Trips

Sorry for being silent, but I was away on business and it was impossible to blog. The trip went nicely. Business accomplished, delicious Kansas City BBQ tasted and even more awesome, I got to visit with some friends! Of course my little kitten Slate was not happy to see me go and wanted to sneak away with me!

While I was away the topic of egg creams came up. Egg creams are a Brooklyn tradition and include neither eggs nor cream and are quite easy to make! Where does the name “egg cream” come from? Theories abound that it is because fountain sodas of that time sometimes had eggs and cream or that the name is a bastardization of either French or Yiddish words. Regardless, it’s a tasty treat.


1/2 cup 2% or Whole Milk (skim or 1% do not foam enough)
2 tablespoons Chocolate Syrup (Fox’s U-Bet is the most commonly used in Brooklyn)


Some people will tell you to put the milk in the glass and then add the seltzer, stir and add the chocolate after.

I think it’s more fun to put the chocolate in the bottom of the glass, add the milk and then pour in the seltzer while stirring. What you’ll get is a foamy chocolatey soda that’s lighter than an ice cream soda.

My family used to have a Cuban variation of the egg cream that involves putting about 2-3 tablespoons of condensed (not evaporated) milk in a glass and then adding a cola while stirring. Very tasty also, but very very sweet!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! See you Monday!
Thanks to Jason Perlow for releasing these photos into the public domain.

#ThrowbackThursday City Kids in the Woods

We had a friend in college whose family owned a resort in Pennsylvania. He was kind enough to invite us to come and visit for a weekend. We packed up two cars and I went with my then boyfriend (now hubby) from Brooklyn out to the wilds of Pennsylvania.

I guess the local folks weren’t used to city folks or Long Island girls. When we went on a horseback ride, our guide asked my hubby’s younger brother how he had broken his leg. He explained that he’d gotten hit by a car while riding a moped in Brooklyn. That prompted our guide to ask if we were with the Fresh Air Fund.

Back then the Fresh Air Fund used to run all kinds of ads about sending poor inner city children to the country for the summer. They still offer that program if you’re interested in donating to a worthy cause.

Go figure. It made for a funny and unforgettable memory. Here’s a picture of us with our college friend during that weekend. I’m the one all the way to the right and hubby-to-be is right next to me. Hubby’s younger brother is in front while my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are off to the left.

Who’s the Boss? Why Tony Danza of course!

Today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is a blast from the past: Tony Danza. I always loved him in WHO’S THE BOSS and TAXI.

Tony was discovered for his role in TAXI at a local boxing gymnasium, but actually went to college on wrestling scholarship. He was born in Brooklyn, but grew up on Long Island. Tony was nominated several times for the Emmy and Golden Globes and was also a People’s Choice Best Male Performer Award for WHO’S THE BOSS.

Tony had a talk show and more recently released a cookbook with his son: Don’t Fill Up on the Antipasto: Tony Danza’s Father-Son Cookbook.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday!

Photo Credit: MattB@wikipedia.en

Elf Yourself

Before we get into full Fun Friday mode, just some quick things –

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting at JoJo’s Book Corner and we’ll be having a little giveaway!

On Sunday, my friend and fellow author Donna Grant will be here guest blogging and she’ll have a little surprise giveaway as well, so be sure to visit.

But now . . .

With Christmas only ONE WEEK AWAY, it’s time to really get into the Christmas spirit if you’re not there already!

I’m almost there, but I think this little Elf Dance is sure to push me over the edge into full holiday mode. You can Elf Yourself also at ElfYourself.com! Now don’t worry if disco isn’t your thing. You can choose from several other dance styles.

For me, being married to an ex-disco boy from Brooklyn, there is only one dance to do! Do I have the moves or what?

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