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#WriteWed Bryant Park from One Summer Night #AttheShore

It seems odd to be chatting about Bryant Park when I’m talking about a contemporary romance series set on the Jersey Shore, but two of the heroines work in New York City and Maggie Sinclair, the heroine of One Summer Night, has her family’s beach home on the Jersey Shore.

I love Bryant Park! I walk through there every morning on my way to work and I’ll often post photos of the lovely flowers there. I couldn’t have a book where the two heroines work in another fav place, namely the Chrysler Building, and not have a scene set in Bryant Park.

Here’s my little tour of the park for you this #Write Wed. Click here to see the Bryant Park tour if you can’t see the video below!

#WriteWed Location Inspiration #NYC

I’ve told you about some of the location inspiration for my AT THE SHORE Contemporary Romance Series. Places like the long gone department store B. Altman’s as well as some still with us Jersey Shore mansions.

The first story, ONE SUMMER NIGHT, starts in the fictional Shore town of Sea Kiss and I’ll share more about the inspiration for that town later.

Today’s photo is of the inspiration for where Maggie Sinclair and her best friend Connie Reyes work and hangout – Bryant Park and the Chrysler Building. There are a number of scenes set in this Midtown NYC area, although both Maggie and Connie are Jersey Girls at heart.

I took this photo in the early morning, just as sun was rising. It’s a lovely time in the city. Peaceful. Quiet. Well as quiet as New York can be because even in the quiet there is a nervous hum of activity. I love the juxtaposition of nature against the bricks and the man-made skyscrapers. I hope you will as well!
Chrysler Building and Bryant Park

#WriteWed Bryant Park & Jersey Girl Bridesmaids

I am so chugging along on Book 1 of the Jersey Girl Bridesmaids series! I am having a ton of fun with it and I hope you will also when the first book, tentatively titled Since We Were 18, is released in 2017.

The scene I’m writing right now is set at the Bryant Park Grill. I’ve eaten there several times and it’s a great restaurant with scenic views and good food.

Regular visitors to the blog know that Bryant Park is one of my favorite spots in New York City and I go there often, like every day! There is always something happening and I love seeing all the gardens in the park.

At one time, the park was known as “Needle Park” and it was filled with prostitutes and drug dealers. You risked your life walking through there even in the daytime, but no more. The park has been rejuvenated and now is a fabulous place for New Yorkers and tourists alike to visit and spend time.

Today’s Write Wednesday is some photos from Bryant Park since I’m busy writing this scene.

#WriteWed Glorious Summer Mornings

I’ve been struggling with a story for the last few weeks. Don’t know why, but something hit me the other day that just was a big “Duh!” and made everything make sense finally.

I guess this is why you should outline a story first, but I’m really still a pantser. To some, I would call it being “organic” which is BS for I’m a pantser. LOL.

But this realization came to me as I was taking a stroll along the boardwalk, working out some plot issues and wondering if I would ever finish the story. It was a glorious summer morning (summers start on Memorial Day down the shore!) much like this morning. Bright blue sky. Slight breeze. Not too hot or too cold. Lovely.

Days like that lift me up and inspire. You could say the clear they cobwebs out of my brain so that the “Duh!” moment can happen and the story can progress.

So, that’s my Write Wednesday for today. I’ll leave you with this photo of some lovely lilies I saw in Bryant Park this morning as I walked to my office.
Bryant Park Lilies

Spring & #Strawberry #Recipes

Even though it’s still in the twenties today, Spring is definitely here! This morning as I walked through Bryant Park, the ice skating pond was gone and the lawn was back in place. Lovely flowers were in bloom in various spots.

I love the Spring flowers and I also love one other thing about Spring: STRAWBERRIES!

They are so luscious and of course, healthy for you. They have a good deal of sugar, but have a low glycemic load which means they won’t make your blood sugars shoot up and then crash. A cup of strawberries has 150% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. They also contain manganese and antioxidants.

So, today I’m going to take you to a list of 60 – SIXTY – fabulous strawberry recipes. Just click here to see them!

Also, don’t forget this is Day 2 of the Double Trouble Blog Tour! Come visit with me at the All the Fun Starts After Dark blog today and follow the rules for a chance to win some fun prizes!

Christmas Fun!

With my daughter now running her shop, we had to mix two traditions together this Christmas season: Getting the tree and visiting New York City.

We started our morning yesterday with a run out to the Anne Ellen Tree Farm in Manalapan where we walked around in gorgeous weather to pick out our tree! We also pick out new ornaments to add to the tree each year. This is a picture of the ornament shop at Anne Ellen!

Then it was a rush home to get dressed and ready for our annual trip to New York City. We love seeing all the windows, visiting the NY Public Library to check out their exhibits, seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick’s across the way before finally getting to Lincoln Center to watch the Nutcracker.

It was a day packed with walking and lots of fun and I’ve got a mess of pictures to share with you.

At the library, they had an exhibit on lunches in New York City. It was fun to see the evolution of city eateries, from the pushcarts to power lunches. The part of the exhibit on Horn & Hardart brought back memories of going to one with my mom. The last functioning automat was actually across the street from my old office! Here’s a shot of what they looked like.

Then we were off to see the tree in Rockefeller Center. It looked lovely this year!

We had a lovely time walking up Fifth Avenue and through part of Central Park before heading to our final destination – Lincoln Center!

Those are just some of the photos! To see more, you can click here.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?