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#Giveaways & The Care and Feeding of Authors

Wow! February 1 is almost here! That means it’s today is the last day for entering the Breakfast with Caridad contest!

I’ll be picking 5 lucky readers to have breakfast with me on March 17 as part of the Liberty States Fiction Writers Create Something Magical Conference. How can you enter? just e-mail your registration confirmation with the subject BKFST WITH CARIDAD to cpsromance at att dot net before February 1.

As for #giveaways, I’ve picked a winner for the SHAMELESS BLOG HOP! Congrats to THROUGHTHEHAZE who has won a $10 Itunes card as well as an ARC for THE CLAIMED (Book 2 in the SIN HUNTER series, coming out in May 2012).

Now it’s time for today’s Tuesday Tip, something I haven’t done in a while. Today’s Tips are actually for readers because I hear so often, “How can we help you?”

Well, I think most authors should understand that with today’s economy, a lot of people can’t run out and buy your book right away. But there are lots of ways that readers can support authors that they like and here’s how:

1. Drop them a note and let them know. I absolutely love hearing from you guys and chatting with you is one of the best things that’s happened to me.

2. If an author has a release out, let your friends know by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. If you have read the book, leave a review on Amazon, B&N, Goodreads or any of the other sites which permit reviews.

4. Blog tours are lots of fun, but they’re even more fun when people take a moment to leave comments. I really appreciate all of you who take the time to visit with me and do that!

5. If you get a newsletter and think you have a friend who would like it, forward it to them.

So there you go, five easy things you can do to help with the care and feeding of your friendly neighborhood author.