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What can you get with $40? Lots and lots of fun & #giveaways!

Create Something Magical ConferenceWhat if I told you that for $40 you would get at least 7 free books from Avon, Grand Central Publishing and Samhain, samplers from Forever Romance and Penguin Books, a dessert reception at a very special Lady Jane’s Salon, readings and genre panels with bestselling authors, a karaoke party with hot finger foods, water bottle from Secret Cravings Publishing, pad folios from Carina Press, free raffle tickets for an assortment of gift baskets including one with a Kindle, courtesy of Secret Cravings Publishing, a book fair, plus lots of other swag? Also toss in there the ability to spend time with other readers and rub elbows with an assortment of authors at the reception and party?

Whoa, that was a mouthful! I know it’s hard to believe, but all that can be yours for $40 at the Create Something Magical Conference on March 17 in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The conference is being run by my home writing group, the Liberty States Fiction Writers!

If you’re a writer, you get all of the above as well as an assortment of workshops on the craft and business of writing, plus your choice of appointments with over 20 editors and/or agents. Yep, 20 editors and/or agents waiting to hear your pitch in a variety of fiction genres.

Thursday 13 with Melinda Leigh and Rayna Vause

AMAZON HEATThank you, Caridad, for letting us take over your blog today and share some information about our new release, Amazon Heat.  Since it’s Thursday Thirteen here on Caridad’s blog, we thought we’d stay on topic and share thirteen lines that were edited out of our story. While there were a few lines that Melinda and I really loved, in the end it created a strong book to either remove or revamp the text.

1.)                She wasn’t here. He should be glad. In his head he knew the odds that Elizabeth was still alive were astronomical. But his heart couldn’t let her go.  His motives were entirely selfish.

2.)                Was Elizabeth was out there, somewhere? Alone. If she was he’d find her body and he’d bring her home if he had to spend the rest of his life digging in muddy holes like this one.

3.)                Half a dozen towering women, clad in warriors’ leather tunics, surrounded a gurney. Bows, quivers and spears draped muscular torsos. Despite the coolness of the cave, their bare limbs glistened with sweat. A hunting party, recently returned.

4.)                Areta, the Queen’s lieutenant, stepped out of the corridor. Her muscular six-foot frame was dressed in the simple leather tunic of a warrior, her jet hair pulled back in a thick braid.

5.)                Amazon Queens rose through military ranks. As befitting a former warrior, Phoebe did not tolerant insubordination.

6.)                Her independence, contrary to Amazon culture, set her apart from the rest of her clan.

7.)                What did Sherlock Holmes say? When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth… But all this brought new meaning to the word improbable.

8.)                Despite the very real fear the Amazons would hunt her down and kill her, she’d covertly searched for an exit with no success. Even if she did find the corridor, she wasn’t an Amazon. How would she get it to open? She simply had to find a way. She couldn’t let them do this to Logan. What they were planning was nothing less than imprisonment and rape.

9.)                He cannot be set free, but we have learned that caging such a brute for the long term presents difficulties. He looks to be intelligent.

10.)             He may have been unconscious, but he knew he’d been on death’s doorstep oh, say about an hour ago.

11.)             One dunk in the Sunny D and he was perfect, no rebuilding necessary. Steve Austin would be jealous as hell.

12.)             Logan licked his lips. Heaven tasted like Sunny D.

13.)             The queen’s betrayal firmly slotted Elizabeth into her outsider role. The whole time they’d been calmly discussing Logan’s future, Phoebe neglected to mention she’d ordered him to be moved.

There were a variety of reasons these lines or portions of lines were deleted. Some were too telling, and we needed to rewrite the text to show the events more effectively.  Others were repetition of something else we already said. Several times our editor simply opted to not use a particular pop culture/literary reference.

We’ve had a blast writing and editing this book together. Now let me tell you a little about what you will find in the book.

AMAZON HEAT released January 9th from Carina Press.

Two years ago, ethnobotanist Dr. Elizabeth DeMarco, driven by grief to find a cure for cancer, left her lover mid-proposal to accept a position on a research expedition to the Amazon Rainforest. Kidnapped by guerrillas, she was saved by warriors from the secret all-female civilization of the ancient Amazons. She has been kept prisoner since in the Amazon’s supernaturally hidden valley.

Despite Elizabeth’s rejection, anthropologist Logan Spencer never stopped searching for her.  While consulting on a mass grave uncovered in the remote Brazilian interior near the place Elizabeth was kidnapped, Logan falls from a cliff.  On the brink of death, he is collected by the Amazons and magically healed. When Logan wakes, the first person he sees is his beloved Elizabeth.  Unfortunately, their reunion is less than joyful. The mystical medicine is changing Logan.  But there’s no time to study the side-effects. The Amazons plan to steal Logan’s DNA, then kill him.  Logan and Elizabeth must escape before dawn or Logan is doomed.  Getting him out of the hidden valley won’t be easy.  The Amazon’s supernatural powers make the task all but impossible.

Buy it at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance EBooks

Melinda Leigh is a mom, a dog lover, and a second degree black belt in kenpo karate. In addition to writing paranormal romance for Carina Press, she is also the author of She Can Run, a kindle bestselling romantic suspense released in November 2011 from Montlake Romance. Find out more Melinda: website / facebook / twitter

Rayna Vause is fascinated by the paranormal and she loves a good romance as well, which probably explains why these two elements perpetually crop up in her writing. When she takes off her writer hat she is a martial artist, video game lover, Disney enthusiast, and a Pop Tart aficionado.  Find out more about Rayna:  website / facebook / twitter


Melinda and Rayna blog together at http://AttackingThePage.com

Naughty or Nice? Alone or with a Partner?

Now I know that woke you up this morning, but ladies, go get another cup of coffee while we chat a little about tonight’s live video event with Aimee and David Thurlo, the husband and wife writing team responsible for the wonderful Ella Clah suspense series. Did I mention that Aimee is also a writer for Harlequin Intrigue and that her latest release, WINTER HAWK’S LEGEND, is currently a bestselling Intrigue on Amazon?

So you’re probably wondering what that has to do with being naughty or nice/alone or with a partner. Well, tonight at 9 pm EST, we’ll be chatting about romance through the decades and how it’s changed. I think back to some of the old stories where non-consensual sex was quite common and even back to my old contemporaries which were spicy back then, but now barely raise an eyebrow. I’d love to hear your thoughts tonight on all that!

We’ll also be talking about how it is to write with a partner, especially if that writing partner is also your hubby! I so can’t imagine. My hubby has only read two of my books and says he skipped through all those scenes. It’ll be great to hear how David and Aimee do that balancing act in their writing partnership.

So please drop by tonight at 9 pm EST for this live video event. Bring your questions and your comments.

Did I mention there would be giveaways? Yep, I’ll be giving away a copy of A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS, a LOST T-shirt as well as an Audible gift card for you to download AZTEC GOLD and one other audio book!

If you can’t see the widget below you can also use this link: http://t.wbx.me/f8qgs

Wicked Wednesday – THE FIFTH KINGDOM

I’m so excited to be sharing with you THE FIFTH KINGDOM today, my romantic suspense from Carina Press. RT Book Reviews gave it 4.5 stars and said:

“This story is an Indiana Jones-style thrill ride infused with just the right amount of romance and sexual tension…The mystery, the family dynamic and the love story all blend together perfectly in this delightful adventure. Who needs Harrison Ford when you’ve got a tale like this?”

If you cannot see the excerpt below, you can click here or use this link:


THE FIFTH KINGDOM Romantic Suspense

Discover THE LOST Energy of Change

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the guests this week and thanks for all the good wishes on the cold. I’ve still got a cough, but am feeling much better. Before we were interrupted by RWA and my illness, we were talking about THE LOST energies in the things all around us.

Today I want you to consider the energy and power that resides in Change.

“Change?” you wonder. “How can Change possess energy?”

Well think about this. Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Think about all the energy and time that is wasted by doing the same thing time and time again only to have nothing different happen.

Think about what would happen if you took a different approach? Traveled a different path?

Nature inherently understands this. If you’ve ever spent time near the ocean you see how the water finds its way to the shore by following the path of least resistance. Although it may pound and pound and pound at the obstacles we throw in its way (jetties, docks, dams, etc.) inevitably it will take a different route to get where it needs to go.

I feel like I am at that point in my life. Doing the same things over and over without accomplishing anything different. It happened before many many years ago and the change I took then was what led to my writing career.

Now I look at my writing career after nearly a dozen years and ask myself, “Where do you go now? What can you change?”

Change being the operative word. There is power in Change. There is power in exploring new things.

That’s not to say that Change isn’t a scary thought. Most of us are creatures of habit and have built our safe havens where we are comfortable. It takes a lot to budge us out of those cozy nests, but sometimes you have to say, “Why the heck not?”

So with that challenge, I’m going to think about what I’ve been doing and how to effect Change. How about you? Are there things that you will challenge yourself to change? Will you empower that energy inside of you to try something different?

Also, if you’ve got a moment, visit the Carina Press blog to find out more about the inspiration behind THE FIFTH KINGDOM and the relic in the story!

Visit with Chris Redding! THE FIFTH KINGDOM release & Giveaway

THE FIFTH KINGDOM romantic suspenseI know we’ve been talking about discovering THE LOST energies within us and boy, could I stand to find some energy. I’m still struggling to battle whatever cold/flu I caught at RWA.

A bummer considering that today is the release date for my new romantic suspense release from Carina Press – THE FIFTH KINGDOM!

To help me celebrate my release, my dear friend and fellow author Chris Redding is helping me by allowing me to do a guest post to chat with you about writing and THE FIFTH KINGDOM.

So please visit Chris today and leave a comment on her blog to win a $10 Gift Card and copy of STRONGER THAN SIN.

Also, mark your calendars that on Wednesday night we are having a live video event with none other than the fabulous Larissa Ione! To login into the next live video event and/or spread the news about the upcoming events, you can click here for the countdown widget or use this link: http://t.wbx.me/fgfe9.


THE FIFTH KINGDOM Romantic Suspense from Carina PressA big thanks to Xakara for inspiring today’s Thursday 13, namely 13 (okay maybe 14) paragraphs from my upcoming Carina Press romantic suspense release, THE FIFTH KINGDOM.

Just a little setup for you. The hero, Bill Santiago, is a sexy CIA Agent who is investigating the disappearance of an archeologist and a possible connection to a Mexican terrorist group. The heroine, Deanna Vasquez, is the daughter of the missing woman, but she has a love/hate relationship with her mom, who abandoned her years earlier.

Bill and Deanna travel to Mexico together to try and put an end to the possible threat against both her mother and the United States. Along the way, Bill and Deanna find unexpected danger, namely, a threat to their hearts as love blossoms between them.

As for this short excerpt, if it isn’t hot enough where you are today, today’s Thursday 13 may change that, so you are warned that what follows is a little spicy and for a mature crowd. If you are not over 17, please do not continue. And yes, I am a tease! Please don’t be angry with me for that.
Continue reading Thursday 13 – THE FIFTH KINGDOM