To Catch a Princess #WIP #SpoilerAlert

Many of you have been asking about the secondary characters in THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, especially Peter and Tatiana. You clearly sensed there was something there and wanted to know more about it . . .

So yes, there is a sequel to THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE and yes, it features none other than Peter and Tatiana and a mysterious, sexy man who is not what he seems.

The tentative title of the book is TO CATCH A PRINCESS, although titles are always something we play around with for a variety of reasons. This working title was inspired by Cary Grant/Grace Kelly motion picture TO CATCH A THIEF since most of Peter and Tatiana’s book will be set at the Ivanov casino in Monaco and since part of the suspense revolves around a serious of high end jewelry heists. SO EXCITING!

How I wish I could visit Monaco for some real life inspiration, but sadly, it’ll just have to be research. The site for the principality actually has some great information as well as a smartphone app! Perfect for when I’m on the train and need some quick information.

So what is TO CATCH A PRINCESS about? Think jewel thief to start, but add a big dose of revenge that will threaten Peter and Tatiana’s lives. Think haute couture fashion show loaded with priceless Russian jewelry and relics, just waiting to be stolen. Think of an arranged marriage for Tatiana and a betrayal she never expected from the man she has come to love . . .

Sigh. I’m having so much fun with this! The glamour and the danger. Fast cars and dangerous mountain curves. Money, jewels and of course, romance.

Big sigh. I can’t wait to finish it so you can read it. As soon as we have a final title and publication date, I will be sure to share with you!

THE PRINCE'S GAMBLE Romantic Suspense

Guilty Pleasure Monday – George Clooney

Used Under Creative Commons License originally posted to Flickr as 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) by Nicolas GeninMy sis and I were talking about George Clooney the other day and I realized that I hadn’t done him as a Guilty Pleasure Monday.

My sis thought George was more like Cary Grant while I had always seen George as a kind of Clark Gable. Handsome in on offbeat kind of way with powerful charisma.

What do you think? Is George like Cary or Clark?

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Cary Grant

Cary Grant in the Philadelphia Story - Photo in the Public DomainMy daughter and I were walking in New York City the other day when we passed the Warwick Hotel. We had spent a week there during a conference years earlier, and I mentioned that Cary Grant had lived there for many years.

She said, “Who’s Cary Grant?” Ugh.

So today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is a blast from the past — Cary Grant. He was handsome, witty and charming on screen. He starred in more movies than I can list, although two of my favorites are THE PHILADELPHIA STORY and TO CATCH A THIEF.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday.