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Guilty Pleasure Monday – John Schneider

First of all, many thanks to all who sent their wishes for a safe passage of Hurricane Irene. My town was spared much damage and we are in relatively good shape. No bus or rail service from this area, so hoping it is back up and running tomorrow.

Also hope that all those without power get it back real soon! I’ve got just a few pictures of some minor damage in my area and my flooded yard at the Facebook Fan Page.

Anyway, the enforced stay-at-home had me doing some writing and watching some television. One program about celebrity ghost encounters caught my eye as did John Schneider who was on the show. He was talking about a three-year old brother who died before he was born, but with whom he had a rather odd connection.

Even at 51, John looked really good and his story was interesting. I did some other checking in on John, who became a household name playing Bo on DUKES OF HAZZARD. Turns out that John is also one of the co-founders of the Children’s Miracle Network.

John has been doing a lot of work lately, with appearances on SMALLVILLE and HOT IN CLEVELAND. So here goes with this morning’s Guilty Pleasure John Schneider!