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#WriteWed Take a Chance Series #Military #Romance & #Giveaway

One Last Night erotic military romanceWow, oh wow, talk about writing inspiration! I’ve just started STAY THE NIGHT, the next novella in the Take a Chance series and again, Wow! I am having so much fun exploring the conflict between a couple that have become strangers during the husband’s military duty, but still have passion (and maybe more) binding them together.

The hero in the story is Rafe Castillo, a Navy Seal coming home for leave before heading back for his last months of duty. His wife, Elena, was only eighteen when she became pregnant and Rafe’s honor and deep-rooted beliefs made him marry her. Of course, Rafe has kind of been in love with Elena for a very long time otherwise he wouldn’t have become involved with her.

Flash forward three years later and Elena is now a woman. A smart, sexy and independent woman who Rafe almost doesn’t recognize when she meets him at the airport. Elena has a good job, is going to college, has just gotten a promotion complete with a new company car, and she’s bought them a home.

Elena has basically moved on with her life and Rafe is not sure if he has a place in it anymore.

I’m just loving exploring that and the passion between them. I hope you’ll like Stay the Night also when it comes out in late November.

Take a Chance Erotic Romance Box SetSpeaking of November, the time is up for the ONE LAST NIGHT campaign for Hope for the Warriors and I made a donation yesterday. Thank you to all of you who participated in the Thunderclap and purchased the novella. It’s specially priced at .99 cents all this week, but then the price will go up.

You will still be able to get all the novellas as standalones, but on November 17, you can also buy them as part of the Take a Chance box set! Thank you again for your support for me and for our military men, women, and families.

Speaking of the military, join me and other romance authors at Read.Write.Remember on November 11th, Veteran’s Day, as we talk about why we honor and support our military in various ways!

As I mentioned on Monday, we had a bit of an issue with the Seductive Supernaturals release, but thankfully we’re back from the dead! You can now find the box set in searches and all the right categories. Thanks to Amazon for figuring it out!

To celebrate, we’re having a “We’re Back” blog hop and Facebook Re-Launch Party! So please come and play with us now that we are back from the great unknown of cyberspace.

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Events, Coupons and More!

As much as I was planning to do a Thursday 13 today, I am without a thought this a.m. I could not even name 13 things sitting on my desk right now. Well, maybe I could but I don’t think you’d be too interested in knowing. LOL!

I want to thank everyone who dropped by the live video event last night. I had a blast talking with all of you and the marvelous Donna Grant. Donna is so much fun and it was so interesting to hear about her books and her wonderful Dark Sword series. Also got to see her wonderful trailer for UNTAMED HIGHLANDER. Can I say AWESOME?

I’ll be picking winners from the event later this a.m. and posting them tomorrow, so please drop by on Friday to see if you’ve won.

Well, maybe I can after a double dose of coffee since I was both tired and excited after our event last night. Went to bed early as I usually do because I’m normally up at 5 a.m. to head to work. So not fun.

But as I lay there I turned on the television and zapped between PAWN QUEENS and AUCTION WARS. I love seeing what they find, maybe because I’ve recently discovered that there is an adventurous treasure hunter buried deep inside of me. (Duh, I guess I should have realized that way before writing AZTEC GOLD and THE FIFTH KINGDOM, but I didn’t!)

Then I caught my first episode of EXTREME COUPONING. Whoa! A young couple got thousands of dollars of items for FREE. The nice thing was they gave everything away to local area charities.

Next was a single mom who relied on couponing to support her family. More power to her. Why not take advantage of savings, especially in these difficult times.

I used to coupon more. Once saved 75% of my grocery bill with coupons. Now I have little time for that, but I still try to predominantly buy what’s on sale and what I need. I don’t want to end up throwing away items that have reached their expiration date.

I also make sure to check the sizes and prices. 5.98 a pound chicken breasts at 50% off is no bargain. I hate when stores do that to make themselves look good, but are not really giving their customers a break.

So do you coupon? Extremely or just average?

Oh wait. I guess I did have some thoughts this morning. LOL! I hope they made sense.

Thoughtful Thursday – Help for Haiti

It’s shocking to watch the news and see the devastation in Haiti. My thoughts go out to these people and their families in this time of grief and loss. If you have the ability to do so, please help by making a donation at any of a number charities who are accepting donations. And if you have the ability to do so, don’t forget our own needy here in the U.S. I know the economy isn’t good and things are tough, but as I see what’s happening, it’s not hard to realize things could be tougher.

On a happier note, today I’m visiting at Babbling Books and we’ve got a giveaway for you! Drop by for a chance to win a copy of SINS OF THE FLESH and a T-shirt. You can visit Babbling Books by clicking here or using this link: http://kbgbabbles.blogspot.com/

Tuesday Tip – Garage Sales

garagaThey say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and those words were never more true when it comes to garage sales.

I love garage sales, especially those town-wide ones where you can hit dozens in one day. We’ve been spending some time at the beach which means new requirements in our lives. Beach-style bikes. A rollie thing to carry all the chairs and cooler down to the beach.

Luckily, we were able to hit two neighborhood-wide garage sales and within two weeks, we had our rollie thing for $10 and a pair of bikes for $11. Of course, the bikes needed a little work and that cost a little bit more money, but when we were done, we had new comfortable bikes for less than $50.

In today’s economy, saving those few dollars is a big thing. Of course, you should be careful of what you buy at garage sales. For example, baby carriers and other safety items, even if only a few years old, may no longer comply with current safety regulations.

Garage sales are also a good way to encourage your kids to get rid of unwanted stuff. We started having our daughter do a sale every six months. She totally handled all the sales, which was a good way of learning to deal with money and meeting people (with parents hovering nearby of course). She kept a part of the sales money, a part of it went to a charity and any leftover items which were still in good shape went to a local church thrift store to help them raise money.

How can you know when there’s garage sales or advertise one of your own? Believe it or not, there’s a bunch of sites on the ‘Net to help you! Here are links to some of the sites:

Also check out your local newspapers for ads for the sales.

Of course, besides saving money, who doesn’t imagine buying that dusty old painting or unusual book that will turn out to be worth quite a lot of money. I love watching Antiques Roadshow and hearing someone say they bought it at a yard sale for a dollar and it’s worth several thousand!

So, take a break from your busy lives and find a yard sale, stroll around and enjoy the sights of a new town (or even your own town) and maybe find something useful in someone else’s junk!

Thoughtful Thursday – Points of Light

lightsI truly believe that each of us is a point of light that can make a difference in someone else’s life. Whether it’s a small donation to a cause in which you believe or giving a little bit of your time to someone else, you can help improve someone’s life.

I try to do that in a variety of ways, like participating in a writing group – www.libertystatesfictionwriters.com – or by brainstorming with a fellow writer. By bringing you new faces to meet or by offering up some goodies for a worthwhile cause, like Brenda Novak’s auction.

Little things, but when lots of people do them, they amount to a big difference and they don’t take a lot of cash, just a small piece of yourself.

So, I leave you with that thought for today – What little thing can you do to help make a difference?

I also want to remind you that you have until midnight EST Friday to leave a comment on my friend Kathye Quick’s blog post for a chance to win a CALLING T-shirt.


Finally, please drop by to check out the items that I’ve made available at the Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction!

First there is this amazing Sabor Latino basket put together by my friend, Olga. Besides some of my novels, there are some wonderful food items as well as a lovely pair of silver earrings and matching pendant.


To bid on this item, you can click here or paste this link into your browser:

You can also bid on the following items that I’ve donated for the auction:

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