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Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chick Peas #Recipe #Healthy

Before we get to today’s recipe, please take a moment to visit with me at my Smartgirls SciFi interview and a spotlight at Books a la Mode!

Now for the recipe, kind of. My friends and I were chatting about diets in general and to be honest, it’s more about a lifestyle change and not just a diet. You go off diets and then you have that rebound that I’ve done more times than I care to think about.

So this time I am committing to a change that will be more permanent. I’ve almost eliminated soda from my life. I limit myself to one a day. I’m drinking more water and watching my carbs. I went off a bit this weekend and all I could think about on Monday were bagels, muffins, donuts and all those things that I know do not sit well with me.

I’m also trying to deal with cholesterol that’s a little too high and that prompted a discussion of honey and cinnamon. Apparently this combination has been touted as a cleanse, but apparently the two can also help lower your cholesterol.

So I’ve been having both in my coffee and oatmeal, but I thought I’d search out a fun way to combine these two! Lucky for you I found an interesting recipe for Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chick Peas!

Thanks to The Pastry Affair for the recipe. I can’t wait to try it out this weekend since I think I’ve got a can of chick peas sitting around. I usually use them to make hummus, but this sounds far tastier!

Spicing up your life!

beans.jpgThere are just some herbs and spices that I always keep around the house. Basil. Parsley. Oregano. Chili. Cinnamon. Garlic (is that a spice?)

Lifetime TV has a list of spices for you to use to spice up your life! Just click here or cut and paste this link into your browser: http://www.mylifetime.com/lifestyle/health/diet-nutrition/best-bites-nice-spice-3?cmpid=Email-Healthy%20Living-2009-03-31.

Some of Lifetime’s recommendations are cayenne, my favorite cinnamon, cloves (blech!), fennel (double blech!) and my most popular garlic!

I use cinnamon a lot in my coffee, hot chocolate and my grandma’s secret cold recipe (not so secret since I told you about it last year). Garlic is great on food, but also by itself when it’s roasted and you can spread it on bread.

What are some of your favorite spices?