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Nick Bateman Male Model #ManCandyMonday

Nick Bateman is a Canadian model with an impressive presence on social media. As a youngster, he won a number of titles as a black belt martial arts participant. He has been on various television shows and movies and in 2018 will star in an adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s Ugly Love. You can follow Nick on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/nick__bateman/?hl=en. Thanks to Nick’s Instagram for the photo below.


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#ManCandyMonday Model, Fitness Guru, Rugby Player Stuart Reardon

It’s chilly and wet today, so I really needed someone to heat me up! I’ve been seeing Stuart Reardon around on various covers, pages, etc. and thought, today’s the day he visits the blog.

Stuart is a fitness model and professional rugby player for the North Wales Crusaders. You can find out me about Stuart at his website, including lots of awesome photos at his gallery and more about his Fear Nothing Fitness program.

Click here if you cannot see the trailer below for Stuart’s 2016 calender.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Man Candy Monday.

#ManCandyMonday NY Jet Ryan Fitzpatrick

Sorry I’ve been away, but I’ve been traveling and work has been insane! Not to mention that I am on deadline to finish the next one of the Take a Chance stories!

Even though the Jets lost yesterday, I thought it was time to share quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Every time I see him, I can picture him on the cover of a Viking historical! What do you think?

Ryan Fitzpatrick

#ThrowbackThursday CJ Hollenbach & Me!

Many years ago I had one of the better known cover models for one of my releases – CJ Hollenbach! CJ is such a sweet man and when I ran into him years later at an RT Convention, this Prince Charming posed for this picture with me.

CJ was supposed to be on the cover of ALL MY LOVE, but at the last minute the cartoony cover craze had them switch it out. Here are the original covers!


I’ve since edited and re-released ALL MY LOVE which is now available for pre-order as TAMING THE BACHELOR. This novel is specially priced at 99 cents until May 1.

Taming the BachelorAmazon: http://amzn.to/1DNXJJ4
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1DNXPQX
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1DNXQEz
Nook: http://bit.ly/1DNXUnB
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1DNXXjo
iBooks: http://apple.co/1DNXTjz

TAMING THE BACHELOR is also available as part of the Jersey Girls Contemporary Romance Box Set which is available for pre-order and is specially priced at 2.99 for all three novels!

Amazon: http://bit.ly/JrzGrlAMZUS
Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/JrzGrlAMZUK
Amazon CA: http://bit.ly/JrzGrlAMZCA
Nook: http://bit.ly/BNJerseyGirl
Kobo: http://bit.ly/JrzGrlKOBO
iBooks: http://apple.co/1DUcYmh

#ManCandyMonday The Men of Mr. Romance

Wow, was RT fun, but also very very tiring and busy! I have a load of photos to share and I’ll get them up in an album for you for tomorrow. Also made plans for a number of upcoming guests to visit and share their books with you!

But. . . Today is Man Candy Monday and I’m sharing this shot of Len, last year’s Mr. Romance and the runner-up Eric.

Here are Charles and Len, two former Mr. Romances! I’m also in the shot, working hard as usual (LOL!)
Caridad with Mr. Romance

Hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasures.

Mr. Romance 2011

On today’s rainy dreary, but Wicked Wednesday, I have a short video of the intro to the Mr. Romance competition and some photos to share.

First let me say, this year’s contestants were totally hot! I could picture more than one of them on the cover of a novel and Len, the winner, is definitely going to make a great cover model. Whether a cowboy, tycoon, vampire or military man, Len can fit the bill.

So, here goes on the video!

Here is a picture of Mr. Romance 2011 with my buddy Myrna! You can click here to see more photos from this year’s wonderful RT Convention.


We’ve had interest from a couple of production companies for SINS OF THE FLESH and so for today’s Wicked Wednesday I’m having a casting call to see who you think would make a better Caterina Shaw, the heroine in the novel. To help you make a decision, here’s a little info about Caterina and a teaser – the inside cover copy!

Caterina Shaw is half-Irish/half-Mexican and a celebrated cellist. She’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor that has suddenly become more aggressive, making her lose her sight and be in constant pain. She goes to Wardwell Laboratories, a company renowned for gene research and engineering, for a radical gene therapy to slow the growth of the tumor. Unfortunately, the scientists use Caterina for a guinea pig, making her something more, and less, than human. Tall and lean, but womanly, Caterina has cerulean blue eyes and long wavy brown hair.

So check out this teaser and then let me know who you think would make the best Caterina.


Her Touch — Innocent and Honest — Ripped Through His Body

… tightening Mick’s gut and creating an unexpected and unwanted reaction. She had brushed the tips of her fingers across his bruise. And from the tremble of her fingers, Caterina clearly had experienced something intense as well.

He rose from the chair and the motion brought him close to her. Too close. Her eyes were that intense dark blue once more, the pupils wide. The blush was even stronger across the high slashes of her cheekbones. She licked her lips.

Very human lips.

Very luscious womanly lips.

He dipped his head down, hesitating when he was about an inch away. Warning himself that if he took a
taste …


Ready to decide? Is it Kate Beckinsale on the left, Evangeline Lilly on the right or the gorgeous cover model from the back cover of SINS OF THE FLESH? Or do you have someone else in mind for Caterina Shaw?

Author:  Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería Used under Creative Commons LicenseAuthor WatchWithKristen used under  Creative Commons License