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#SixSunday A Hoped For Reunion #pnr #vampire

This is my first Six Sentence Sunday! Welcome. These six sentences are from WHEN HERALD ANGELS SING, my Dickens-like novella in A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS. The vampire hero, Damien, has been hoping that Angelina will return to him yet again and that this time, they will have a happily-ever-after.

She lay naked in the center of the sail, her raven hair spilling out against a mosaic of bright red and rusty brown splotches on the white canvas.

There was no denying the scent of blood, but more powerful was her familiar aroma.

Even with the storm swirling around him, her natural perfume filled his senses, making him think of bright summer days and fields of wildflowers.

Impossible and wonderful all at the same time, he thought, reaching for her.

He encircled her in his arms and the heat of her blood bathed his hands.

Seeped through the thin wet fabric of his cotton shirt.

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Guest Blogging Today!

A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMASGood morning to all my friends! I’m guest blogging today and have some giveaways going on today. So please take a moment to visit these sites:.

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As always, thank you for your support! Also, many thanks to Romancing Rakes for this review of WHEN HERALD ANGELS SING from A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS!

“OMG y’all. I cried while reading this book. It’s a story where love and sacrifice once kept Damien and Angelina apart but in the end, brought them together for a much deserved HEA…(T)his story enthralled me. I’m a fan of A Christmas Carol and squeed the moment I realized this was a loose take on that…Damien and Angelina’s (story) had me tearing up while sitting on a bench at the boardwalk looking like a crazy person. This is a heartbreaking story of love, sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption.”