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A Paranormal Moment from The Muppets

What paranormal writer doesn’t love a demon in the night doing all kinds of things with the peasantry? Check out this funny take from The Muppets on the classic STAND BY ME!

Also, congrats to Leanne, Rachel, Christine and Kym who won prizes at the live video event on Wednesday night. Thanks to all who came by. We’re working on the dates for the next video chats and I’ve lined up some fun authors to visit, like my Danger Women Writing buddies Lisa Renee Jones and Cynthia Eden. In July I’ll also have Larissa Ione visiting with me!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Contest and Guest Blog with Selina McLemore

I’ve got my wonderful editor, Selina McLemore, with my friends at Danger Women Writing! Visit with us for a chance to win a $10 Gift Card, autographed copy of SINS OF THE FLESH, STRONGER THAN SIN Tote bag and an autographed copy of AZTEC GOLD.

I’m off today to run some personal errands and also to do a workshop at the wonderful Bucks County Romance Writers. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I’ll be back tomorrow.

All About Obsession

So sorry to have missed you yesterday, but New Jersey Transit had other plans for me it seems. In addition to a one hour delay in the morning, my 40 minute train ride home turned into a two and a half hour journey. Luckily I met up with my friend and fellow author Nisha Sharma on the train and we turned that lemon into lemonade.

With today being Wicked Wednesday, why not talk about Obsession?

It’s a word bandied about in television commercials trying to sell you an assortment of items. People admit to being obsessed about everything from foods to movies to books, not really meaning or understanding the true meaning of obsession.
In its most extreme forms obsession becomes the master, overtaking heart, mind and soul with no thought to reason. It can enslave when there is no way to end the compulsion for someone or some thing or it can liberate when the obsession is satisfied and brings enlightenment.

Where is that coming from you may wonder? Well, I am so honored to have been asked to write the foreword for a new book of erotica for women edited by the wonderful Rachel Kramer Bussell.

OBSESSED is a sexy and eclectic collection of erotic romance stories for those who like a sexier read. It was quite interesting to see the diversity of the stories as the writers like Kayla Perrin and others explore an assortment of obsessions from a compelling attraction to a boss to rekindling married love in a story by Rachel.

Having enjoyed the stories so much, I think I’m going to try my hand at a sexy little story with a vampire and his female keeper. What do you think? Do you like sexier stories like this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Also, the Danger Women Writing blog-a-thon and contest continues today with Esi Sogah from Avon. Lave a comment at the Danger Women Writing Blog for a chance to win a $10 gift card. EVERY comment goes towards the drawing for the Sony e-reader on May 8th.

Fun Friday

With my little cherry tree in lovely full bloom in my backyard, I want to share with you this lovely little short of cherry blossoms opening. I hope you are all having a very nice holiday season! To all my Christian fans, I want to wish you a very Happy Easter! See you all on Monday! Don’t forget to drop by the Danger Women Writing blog for today’s blog and giveaway.

Tuesday Tips for Weight Loss

As some of you may have noticed, I’m back to trying to lose weight and get healthier. Stress and other things made my weight balloon upwards to its own area code. So shortly after the New Year, I began a campaign to change my lifestyle by becoming more active and eating healthier foods. As of this morning, I’ve lost 30 pounds.

Yep, thirty (30) pounds and I’m very excited about that. I’m also excited by the fact that the way I am eating and working out now seems sustainable, which is the key to keeping off the weight. After all, it’s not about a diet, it’s about a lifestyle that you can keep up.

You’re probably asking what I’ve been doing? For starters I try to be more active every day. I’ve started wearing a pedometer and strive to reach 10,000 paces each day, not including my workout regimen.

That means walking to and from my office and getting up once an hour to move about. With the weather getting nicer, sis and I have even started taking a short walk at lunch hour.

I try to work out 5 to 7 times a week for about half an hour a session. I mix up doing cardio with weight training. The weights are important because they help strengthen your muscles and muscles have a higher metabolism than fat which means that you are regularly burning more calories to sustain that higher muscle mass.

Plus who doesn’t like sleek toned arms and legs? Here are some simple exercises you can even do at home to tone your arms!

What have I changed in my diet? Well my favorite food group – bread, rice and pasta (LOL!) is virtually gone. I try to limit those to once or twice a week. When I do have either bread or pasta, I make sure it’s whole grain bread or pasta. As for rice, I’ve substituted quinoa. I’ve even made a tasty Chinese fried rice by substituting the pre-cooked quinoa for the rice. Have also made something similar to a tabouleh salad with this grain. You can check out more recipes here.

We still eat beef, pork and chicken, but in smaller portions and I’ve also started eating a lot more shrimp and eggs. Both are high in protein and low in calories (but watch the cholesterol if you have problems with that).

As sides to all our meals – a big salad and more vegetables. Lots more. The key is to have lots of high volume foods with low calories. Greens of all kinds make wonderful side dishes or even a once a week vegetarian meal. Cook up some collard greens or kale with onions and mushrooms, add some chicken broth and cannellini beans, top with some chopped tomatoes and you’ve got a very filling and low calorie soup. You can even add some cheese to the mix for added protein. There are lots of nice lower fat cheeses out there now and we regularly put cheese in our salads as well.

As for dessert, we’re eating a lot more fruit and snacking on cashews and chocolate covered raisins.

Where do I go from here? Well, I’m going to keep on eating healthier and working out. My goal is to lose another 10 pounds by the RWA National Conference at the end of June. I try to set those goals in reasonable amounts because there is nothing worse than setting yourself up for failure by being unrealistic.

If you’re in the same boat as I am, I hope these tips help you! If you’ve found some good things to get healthier, please share them with us by leaving them in the comment area.

Finally, our Danger Women Writing Contest and Guest Blog continues with a visit from the RomCon folks and a giveaway of tickets to this year’s convention. Drop by the blog later and leave a comment for a chance to win!

Wicked Wednesday – Wicked Fun

I know you may be here for an excerpt, but we’re in the midst of celebrating my 25th publication – STRONGER THAN SIN. What that means is lots of opportunities for you to win some fun stuff at various places!

For starters, drop by the Borders True Romance Blog. We’ll be picking three winners from the comments to receive signed copies of STRONGER THAN SIN and SINS OF THE FLESH.

Here is a link to the blog:

Also visit with me later in the day at SingleTitles.com where I’ll be talking about how to have a career in publishing.

Finally, we’re having a Halloween Bash today at the Dangerous Women Readers’ Loop. Tons of fun prizes from all of the Dangers Women authors, namely, Cynthia Eden, Donna Grant, Jennifer Haymore, Lisa Renee Jones and lil’ ol’ me. Just click below to share this image and join the group if you’re not already a member!

Join us for a Danger Women Halloween Party. When: Oct. 27th, 10am until Midnight. Where: Danger Women Readers’ Loop. What: A day full of prizes and fun! www.dangerwomenwriting.com

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Forever Books to Raise Money for Breast Cancer in Honor of Author Jennifer Haymore

As many of you who visit the blog know, my Dangerous Woman buddy Jennifer Haymore was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her publisher and mine, Grand Central Publishing, is helping Jennifer and others fight this disease with a raffle. Here are the details and please feel free to share them!


Forever Books will hold a raffle at the Romance Writers of America National Convention later this week to raise money for BreastCancer.Org in support of author Jennifer Haymore.

Haymore, author of the forthcoming A Season of Seduction, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer earlier this year. After undergoing a successful surgery, Haymore is responding well to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She has been able to continue writing through her treatments but she’s had to make other adjustments, including missing this year’s Romance Writers of America National Convention.

Haymore’s publisher, Forever, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, is passionate about supporting their author through the disease. Because Haymore is unable to attend the RWA convention, Forever has decided to hold a raffle to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness. 100% of the proceeds will go to www.breastcancer.org , a non-profit organization selected by Haymore, which is dedicated to providing information and community to those touched by this disease.

“Between my family, friends and fans, I have an incredible support system,” said Haymore. “However, I know not everyone affected by the disease is as lucky as I am to be surrounded by such love and support, which is why I chose to support BreastCancer.org. The organization has been an invaluable resource, connecting me to others who can relate to my experience.”

The raffle at RWA will consist of four prizes: an editor critique, an agent critique, a character name in one of Haymore’s upcoming books, and a collection of books signed by bestselling romance authors. Tickets will cost $3 for one ticket, or $5 for two, and will be sold throughout the conference. The prize drawing will be held on Saturday, July 30 during the Grand Central Publishing Book Signing (Disney Swan hotel, Southern hemisphere, Salon 1). The drawing will be held at approximately 4:15.


If you will not be at RWA, you can also help by clicking here to visit the Danger Women Writing Fight Breast Cancer store or checking out the products below.