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Fun Friday – Leave the Gun, Take the Cupcake!

It’s a classic line from the Godfather. Clemenza tells his assistant “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” For hit men, that makes sense since the guns they’re using are generally untraceable and hopefully they’ve taken care to not leave DNA or fingerprints behind.

As for the cannoli – well who can resist a cannoli? Well. maybe you could if you have an amazing collection of cupcakes like these at the Toyzone! Just click here or cut and paste this into your browser:


My favorites are the cow cupcakes from Le Cupcake! For more amazing shots, click here to visit their blog or cut and paste this link: http://www.lecupcake.blogspot.com/

Taken by kylie lambert (Le Cupcake)

Sadly, the wonderful Le Cupcake is in Sydney, Australia, so I will have to wait until I go down under to get my fix from them.

So where do I get my cupcakes? I’m lucky to have some spots right nearby. If you’re in the Central Jersey area, you can check out The Baker Boys in Ocean Grove and Asbury Park and the Ocean Grove Bakery right on Main Avenue. Then there are also the fabulous La Bonbonniere bakeries in South Plainfield, Fords, Edison and Woodbridge.

Of course, there’s the age old battle – Cupcake or cannoli? A hard choice, especially when the cannolis are as tasty as they are at Del Ponte’s Bakery on Main Street in Bradley Beach!

How about you? Cannoli or cupcake? Any favorite spots you can recommend?