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#SixSunday A Hoped For Reunion #pnr #vampire

This is my first Six Sentence Sunday! Welcome. These six sentences are from WHEN HERALD ANGELS SING, my Dickens-like novella in A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS. The vampire hero, Damien, has been hoping that Angelina will return to him yet again and that this time, they will have a happily-ever-after.

She lay naked in the center of the sail, her raven hair spilling out against a mosaic of bright red and rusty brown splotches on the white canvas.

There was no denying the scent of blood, but more powerful was her familiar aroma.

Even with the storm swirling around him, her natural perfume filled his senses, making him think of bright summer days and fields of wildflowers.

Impossible and wonderful all at the same time, he thought, reaching for her.

He encircled her in his arms and the heat of her blood bathed his hands.

Seeped through the thin wet fabric of his cotton shirt.

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It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Okay, so I love the Muppets! One of my most memorable Manhattan moments was walking past a trailer filled with Muppets of all sizes and their parts while they were filming MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN. And did I mention that MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL is one of my favorite holiday movies! It inspired me to do my own Dickens-like take for A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS.

Needless to say, I am SOOOO excited that there is a new movie coming for Thanksgiving. So excited that I decided to share one of the trailers for it with you this Fun Friday. If you can’t see the video below, you can use this link: http://youtu.be/C4YhbpuGdwQ

I’ll be picking the winners of the various blog hops, etc. over the weekend, so look for them here before Monday!

Hope you all have a great weekend. If you’ll be in the Jackson, NJ area, look for me at the Jackson Library Book Festival on Saturday from 12 to 3! The library is located at 2 Jackson Drive, Jackson, NJ 08527.

When Herald Angels Sing

When Herald Angels SingIt’s Wicked Wednesday and that means it’s time for an excerpt! I’m teasing you today with a little bit from When Herald Angels Sing which is my contribution to the upcoming A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS anthology.

The topic of mixing vampires and Christmas has always been fun and demanding. When I first wrote FATE CALLS from the first HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE anthology, I wanted to create a sexy and edgy story, but still provide the uplifting spirit that I feel during Christmas. That sense of family, hope, love and sharing that is so important to me for the holiday. It was a tough task, but I loved the result, much as I hope you will love When Herald Angels Sing. For this novella, I reached out to one of my favorite Christmas movies, A MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL, and did a little twist on the classic Dickens tale.

In When Herald Angels Sing, a guardian angel is sent back to try and protect the soul of a troubled vampire. There is a battle going on between the Archangel Rafael and the devil who both want former sea captain Damian Winters for their side. I won’t say more and instead will invite you to check out this excerpt from When Herald Angels Sing.

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here or cut and paste this link into your browser:

When Herald Angels Sing from A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS