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#ThrowbackThursday Me and My Curls

I think this photo was taken in Cuba before we escaped to the U.S. Those years in Cuba were tough times for my family. My parents and brother were already in America, my brother to avoid being conscripted into the militia and my parents to avoid jail for turning against Castro. It took my parents nearly two years to get us out of Cuba. During that time, Castro’s men would regularly come by the house and toss it. My grandmother would hide us under the bed while that happened.

I’m told that for years I was afraid of anyone in a uniform, but I don’t really remember much about those years. My first memories are of being in the United States, my new home. Of being both sad, but happy to finally be with my family.

When you think of booking a trip to Cuba, please think about the decades of misery heaped on others by the Castros who will be the ones benefiting from your trip.

My hair was a lot lighter in this photo and I only have a little bit of blonde left in the front. The curls are gone, although I still have wavy hair when it’s a little longer.

#ThrowbackThursday My Mom and Brother in Cuba

Cuba has been in the news a lot lately and for many of us who left, it’s been an emotional upheaval. People ask me all the time if I will go back and I have to explain how difficult the Cuban government makes it for us to visit. Besides, the Castros made my family’s life miserable, so why would I go back so long as they’re alive?

But, I thought I’d share this photo of my mom and brother in Cuba before the Castro dictatorship took hold and created the diasporo that exiled so many Cubans all around the world and in the United States.