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Guilty Pleasure Monday – Paul Bettany

This poster first caught my eye at DragonCon many months ago. The actor is Paul Bettany who has been in a number of other movies I enjoyed – A KNIGHT’S TALE and WIMBLEDON. Paul plays the archangel Michael in the movie. Michael has come to Earth to try to prevent the coming of Armageddon by battling a legion of angels that God has sent to Earth.

LEGION will be released on January 22. I’m interested in seeing the movie, although the premise has me wondering about it a bit. A wrathful God wants to destroy Earth?

The film also features cuties Dennis Quaid and Lucas Black (from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS movie.).

If you get to see it, please drop by and let us know what you thought of the movie. For now, here’s a trailer for you to see!

DragonCon Spirit Orbs and a challenge!

Had lots to do at DragonCon, but as you know from the last few days on the blog, I was able to go out and enjoy the wondrous costumes created by some of the attendees. As I was uploading my photos on the first day, I noticed something unusual on one of the photos – orbs.

You may remember our discussion about spirit orbs from last year (you can click here for that blog post). So while I was uploading to Facebook, I mentioned the orbs to my friend Joy Nash and lo and behold – she had similar orbs on her shot of the same people! You can check them out down below.

This is my shot of the angel couple. I’ve circled the orbs for you.


This is Joy’s shot of the orbs where I’ve circled 3 orbs as well.


Dust? Pollen? Did I mention that none of our other photos seemed to have these orbs?

Luckily, Dave Tango from the Ghost Hunters happened by our booth and my friend Shannon talked to him about the orbs. Probably dust or pollen, Dave said. He explained that digital cameras interpret what they are seeing and make shapes out of things like dust. But he did say that if the two shots were taken at different times and different locations, that might warrant some further investigation.

Here’s a picture of Dave and me at the booth!

So how about you? Do you believe in spirit orbs? If you were at DragonCon and got a picture of this angel couple, do you have orbs? If so, please send me an e-mail with the photo. You can click here to contact me!

DragonCon 2009 Last Day

The last day of DragonCon is daunting. Only the strong have managed to make it this far after all the days of running around heading to panels and enjoying the various parties for the attendees.

I’ve been busy at the booth in between walkarounds to check out all the costumes. The last day was mostly in the booth besides a nice panel with some science fiction writers. We talked about staying afloat in publishing and it was an interesting discussion.

Afterward, back to the booth to knock it down and give away all the last of the goodies. We even signed and gave away all the banners and posters we had.

Today it’s just a few hours of resting and checking e-mails before heading back home and to work tomorrow.

Sharing the last few photos with you. As you can gather, not as many since many people were leaving and I was busy at the booth. But the fun part of the day was getting to meet Dave Tango from Ghosthunters. He was really nice and we had a talk about some “spirit orbs” I’ll show you on another day!

DragonCon Day 4 and Guilty Pleasure Monday

DragonCon WarriorToday’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is an unknown DragonCon attendee who was kind enough to pose for me. There was nothing fake about all those abs and arms!

We’re starting to wind down here, but there are still lots of interesting costumes to see. There are some who really went out of their way to do different things and you’ll see them in this album – a lady from The Birds movie, two young black and white ladies from Invasion of the Body Snatchers and a Terminator that was absolutely amazing.

You can follow this link to the next album for DragonCon 2009:

You can also watch the last half of the DragonCon parade with these videos.

DragonCon Day 3!

Whoa! Starting to get tired. Been busy manning our booth (#707 if you’re in the area), meeting fans, taking photos for all of you as well as video of the parade on Saturday morning. The parade started in Woodruff Park and then made its way back to the Marriott. Recorded as much as I could and I’ll be putting it up in spurts as there is a 10 minute limit on Youtube.

Had a great time on Saturday. Went all around, refilled our areas where we’ve put out posters, bookmarks and other goodies. Managed to also finish the next book in THE CALLING vampire novels!

Here are lots more photos for you to check out. The album cover is of fellow friend and author Raz Steel and Margie, one of our wonderful volunteers.

For the photos, click here or cut and paste this linke:


Here are the videos for you! I will post more as soon as I can get them converted and uploaded.

Dragon Con Day 2

Heaven. . . I’m in heaven . . .
‘Cuz were out together dancing geek to geek.

Okay – I’m out of the closet and proclaiming my inner geekdom. It’s always been there, but now I’m out! Of course, I think you kind of knew I was that way when I told you I was a science major in college.

The conference is totally amazing! I am so impressed by the costumes people have put together and the way some of these people just slip in and out of character. Awesome.

Steampunk seems to be all the rage this year. Lots of people dressed up in Victorian-style clothing with all the alternate weaponry/technology attached.

Some interesting Celtic, Alternative and Goth bands playing music in the common areas.

And total fan girl moment — I saw James Marsters (formerly Spike on Buffy) on his way into the elevator! Couldn’t move fast enough to snap his picture, but boy, was he handsome!!! 😯

I’ve got a mess of pictures for you. You can watch this slideshow or use this link to visit the album:


DragonCon Day 1!

Arrived yesterday and was busy running around gathering everything to set up the booth and during down time, working on the next book in the SINS book – STRONGER THAN SIN. Got a lot done and then everyone started arriving at the hotel. By 7 pm we were down in our booth area, starting to set up for today when the exhibits open at 1.

Here’s step 1 of our booth – # 707 in case you’re down in Atlanta!

We have a beautiful poster for our booth – Surrender to the Night is our theme.

Meet my booth buddies: Joy Nash, me, Susan Sizemore and Raz Steele!

The view from our hotel room!

Last night was a blast, but tiring. We didn’t get to the restaurant for dinner until nearly 9:30 because we were setting up the booth and getting organized. The restaurant was close to the bar and what a sight! Dozens of people in costumes. Storm troopers, Star Trek officers, a zombie Elvis serenading people. Lots and lots of men in kilts and let me tell you – whoa, very sexy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera then (will learn to always keep it with me!), so I hope to have more pictures for you either later today or tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

You can see all of the photos here as well: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2032752&id=1130005412&l=ec573e286a