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Thursday Thirteen – Last days of summer & giveaways

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is this weekend, marking the unofficial end of summer.

I LIVE for the summer. It’s my favorite time of year for lots of reasons. I love to be outdoors so I can walk on the boardwalk, garden, dip my toes in the ocean and hang out on the beach beneath the umbrella, catching up on my To-Be-Read pile.

I also love summer because of the different foods that are available and that I prepare for the hotter days!

So today’s Thursday 13 is a list of my favorite summer foods, in reverse because I’m going to share my top 3 today at the Forever Romance Summer Reading Club! Please drop by from 12 to 2 EST today to chat with me, ask some questions and maybe even get a recipe for one of my favorites! We’ll also have a giveaway today during the chat.

Here are today’s Thursday 13 of top favorite summer foods, in reverse! Click here to visit other Thursday 13 bloggers.

13. Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard
12. Cole Slaw
11. Hot dogs
10. Hamburgers
9. Ambrosia
8. Lobster
7. Steamer Clams
6. Sangria
5. Barbequed Chicken
4. Day’s Ice Cream

Please drop by from 12 to 2 EST today at the Forever Romance Summer Reading Club for the top 3 and some recipes. Also, share this tweet for a chance to win a cool LOST polo shirt.

Caridad chats 2day 12-2 EST #4EvrBookClub 2 discuss THE LOST RT 4 chance 2 win a cool LOST polo http://ht.ly/6hAaF

Also, it’s time for the Back to Books Blog hop! I’m offering up a LOST T-shirt, copy of STRONGER THAN SIN and some additional swag. Just leave a comment on any blog this week or at today’s Facebook chat and sign up for my newsletter for a chance to win!

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Thoughtful Thursday – The Signs are all around us . . .

The signs are all around us.

Only 75 days until the end . . .
Hurry before it’s too late . . .
Act now, before it’s over . . .

Okay! I get it! It’s hard enough dealing with the end of summer without everyone beating me over the head with information about sales and all the back-to-school supplies that I’ll need to buy.

Summer is probably one of my favorite seasons. Fall is next followed by Spring. Unfortunately, if you live in the Northeast you know that we’ve barely had a summer this year.

June was a washout and July wasn’t much better. August has been sweltering and so my one hope is that we’ll be lucky and have an Indian summer.

Is that PC anymore? Indian summer? According to Wikipedia, “Indian summer is a name given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn, not long before winter. Usually occurring after the first frost, Indian summer can be in September, October, or November in the northern hemisphere, and March, April, or early May in the Southern hemisphere.”

As for whether it’s PC or not, according to Wikipedia, the name might mean “false summer” since settlers considered the Native Americans to be deceitful. Really? I’m therefore banning that phrase – Indian Summmer – from my vocabulary!

But I still can wish for a late summer, with nice sunny skies and temperate weather to replace the wet dreary summer we had. Maybe then I’ll get to stick my toes in the sand a little longer and take some more energizing walks down the Shore before the weather gets too cold. Hang out on the balcony and write like a demon in those very creative morning hours.

How was your summer? Are you getting your kids ready for school? Dreaming about some nicer weather before winter settles in?


P.S. – I’ll be picking the winner of yesterday’s guest blog contest over the weekend and will announce the winner on Monday. Many thanks to all of you who visited with my friend Amanda McIntyre and took the time to leave a comment!