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#WisdomWednesday – When the going gets tough, head to the beach!

I head to the beach. There’s just something about being near the water that helps me get balanced and back on track. I need that right now since it’s been an up and down year. Lots of fabulous amazing things, like the Jane the Virgin book and the fabulous reviews for ONE SUMMER NIGHT. Lots of frustrating things in the world of publishing which are beyond my control, but have really made being a writer quite difficult.

When the latter start to really weigh me down, it’s time to get away to the shore and think about all that is good, including being by the shore. What’s your place to get balanced again?

And if you do like getting away to the shore, but can’t do it physically, how about checking out ONE SUMMER NIGHT which is available for only 99 cents or read the first three chapters for free at Radish!

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