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Favorite Super Bowl Ads Vampire Party

Since it’s Friday, it’s time for a little fun! Many of you watched the Super Bowl like I did and there were some rather funny ads. Since I love me my vampires, I especially thought this one was funny!

If you can’t see the video below, you can click here to watch it!

What about you? Which were some of your favorite Super Bowl ads this year?

Fun Friday – New People and Places for You!

I’ve been participating in the Thursday 13 and also do the #FF on Twitter on Fridays. I thought it might be fun to start up a Fun Friday Meme and allow people to share their blogs, sites and other fun things with you and for you to share your favorite fun places, people or things!

So share yourself or your favorite things in the link down below.

The above photo is of my husband and me having fun chasing after the very popular Harry Potter at Station Platform 9 1/2!