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Fun Friday – Contest Winner!

I want to thank all of you who dropped by on Wednesday to wish Rene Colato good luck with his wonderful children’s book! It was much appreciated.

Also – many many thanks for all the b’day wishes! I had a great day that weekend as well as last weekend when we had our first ever Liberty States Fiction Writers conference. I had a wonderful time and met so many nice people.

As for the b’day wishes, I’d like to announce the winner of my b’day contest!

Sherry is the lucky winner of a $25 Godiva Gift Card, copy of FURY CALLS and a SINS OF THE FLESH lunch bag. Congratulations, Sherry. Please e-mail your postal address to cpsromance at att dot net .

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Here in the NY/NJ Metro area we are getting a glimpse of our first taste of Spring! Bulbs are coming up, crocuses are in bloom and we’re supposed to have weather in the 60s. I so can’t wait!!

Looking for Weekend Fun?

beachI know I’m going to spend the weekend writing and working on some materials for our new writing group, the Liberty States Fiction Writers. But in between work, I hope to sneak in some relaxation and fun.

So where do I look to find out what’s going? Well, I pick up a local paper, but I also check out the Internet for events. You can too! Here are some of the places where you can find out what’s happening in your area:

Book tours and signings – http://www.booktour.com/
Library of Congress Book Events –

Also, you can visit your local state or city website. It will often have a calendar of events and suggest sites of interest. Here are few for those places close to me:

Jersey Shore – http://www.nj.com/shore/
New Jersey – http://www.visitnj.org/
New York – http://www.iloveny.com/home.aspx
New York City – http://www.nyc.com/events/
Pennsylvania – http://www.visitpa.com/index.aspx
Philadelphia –

Hope you can find some fun and relaxation this weekend as well! Have a great one.

Thoughtful Thursday – Let Freedom Ring!

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States Federal Government under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code.Over twenty years ago, First Lady Nancy Reagan (and God Bless Ronnie who will always be My President), re-opened the crown of the Statue of Liberty on its 100th birthday.

Today is another momentous day in the history of Lady Liberty, New York City and the Nation. After 9/11, the crown was closed due to fear of terrorist actions. Today the crown re-opens.

Let Freedom Ring!

I have to confess that every time I see Lady Liberty, I get choked up. My family didn’t come through Ellis Island, but the Statue is no less a symbol of freedom for me. A light that shines for those who come here for freedoms denied them elsewhere. For opportunities for a better way of life.

When my friends and I decided to start a new writing group (www.libertystatesfictionwriters.com), one where people would have the freedom to write in all fiction genres and in all formats, we all had one common image in mind to represent the group – The Statue of Liberty. It means that much to so many people.

So, let Lady Liberty shine brightly and send her message far and wide. Let Freedom Ring!

Fun Friday – Scream a Bit and Take Off More!

Since we’re on the topic of vampires, here’s another of the handsome ones! If you’ve ever been to a concert with a screaming teen, you will so get the caption. I’m convinced that if the Army could find a way to bottle those screams, they would have the most effective weapon ever!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

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Last but not least, it’s the LAST WEEKEND in the fabulous Brenda Novak auction. Please drop by to check out the items that I’ve made available at the Brenda Novak Diabetes Auction!

First there is this amazing Sabor Latino basket put together by my friend, Olga. Besides some of my novels, there are some wonderful food items as well as a lovely pair of silver earrings and matching pendant.


To bid on this item, you can click here or paste this link into your browser:

You can also bid on the following items that I’ve donated for the auction:

A signed ARC of SINS OF THE FLESH (A November 2009 release)
A signed copy of FURY CALLS
A t-shirt for SINS OF THE FLESH


Also take a moment to check out this basket from the Liberty States Fiction Writers which contains:
Autographed copies of:
A DAUGHTER’S PROMISE by Christine Clemetson
NOBLE BLOOD by Linda Parisi
ARC of SINS OF THE FLESH by Caridad Pineiro
VENUS RISING by Annalise
As well as an audiobook of Stephen Colbert’s “I Am America and So Can You!,” a SINS OF THE FLESH T-shirt and lunch bag (color – red, B&W image attached). In addition, you will receive copies of thirty other romance novels (these 30 are unsigned).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!