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#WriteWed #ManWars with Kelly Moran

It’s ‪#‎HumpDay‬ which means ‪#‎MANWARS‬ with me and the awesome Kelly Moran! My hero for today is tortured alpha Rick Sanchez, Marine & former NYPD officer. Rick is from my recent romantic suspense release FIGHT THE SHADOWS – Amazon: http://bit.ly/FightShadowOps

You can check out Kelly’s hero by clicking here! Let us know who wins today’s Man Wars!


fight the shadowsI’m really excited to be part of the launch of CJ Lyon’s Shadow Ops Kindle World and I had a fun time writing FIGHT THE SHADOWS. It was action-packed and sexy and I got to show off some of the parts of New York that I visit every day. Today’s Teaser Tuesday is an excerpt from FIGHT THE SHADOWS.


He had never given up hope of finding his wife’s killers . . .

Marine Staff Sergeant Rick Sanchez had survived two tours of duty and returned home to join the New York City Police Department. He’d found something besides his calling at the Police Academy: he found the love of his life. When his wife is killed three years later by gang thugs, Rick feels betrayed by the police department that calls it a drug deal gone bad and claims his wife was dirty. He quits the force and vows to get to the truth, but he doesn’t foresee the danger coming at him from both the street gang and a pint-sized warrior who threatens to steal his heart again.

She had clawed her way out of the barrio and hated being drawn back into that life . . .

Patricia Morales had worked hard to build a better life for herself outside the crime-ridden section of New York City where her family had settled after leaving Honduras. It wasn’t easy, especially after her father was killed in a car accident. But she’d joined the National Guard and found a way to a better life for her family. Deployed as part of Joint Task Force Empire Shield, she hopes to one day help her half-brother out of the gang life. When her half- criminal activities may involve a possible terrorist threat, Patricia must face her past and deal with her attraction to a man determined to send her half-brother to jail for a murder he didn’t commit.


Click here if you cannot see the FIGHT THE SHADOWS Excerpt below.

There are seven authors who have action-packed stories in the Shadow Ops world. Each book stands alone, so you don’t have to worry about reading all of them to get the complete story. You can check out all the stories at the links below:

FIGHT THE SHADOWS by Caridad Pineiro
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#WriteWed FIGHT THE SHADOWS & Tortured Heroes

FIGHT THE SHADOWS Romantic SuspenseWho doesn’t love a good tortured hero? One whose dark side has him walking along a very fine edge that threatens to make him fall into the shadows? That’s how I pictured Rick Sanchez from FIGHT THE SHADOWS.

A former Marine, Rick has returned from war and has decided to continue to serve and protect as a New York City policeman. His time in the Police Academy also brings him the love of his life.

Unfortunately, his marriage is short-lived as his wife is gunned down by gang members a few years later. Worse, the NYPD claims his wife was dirty and that her death was due to her being involved with the gang members.

Rick knows better and leaves the force, vowing to find his wife’s killers and clear her name.

Enter the heroine, National Guardsman Patricia Morales, who also happens to be the half-sister of one of the men that Rick believes is responsible for his wife’s execution. Rick doesn’t want to be attracted to her because of that and because he doesn’t want a relationship with another woman who has to place her life on the line every day in order to protect the people of New York City.

But Patricia is strong, intelligent and beautiful and Rick finds himself admiring the gutsy woman and quickly falling in love with her as they work together to stop a terrorist attack in New York City.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out FIGHT THE SHADOWS.

#WriteWed Inspiration for FIGHT THE SHADOWS

I walk to and from Penn Station every day to get to my office, weather permitting of course. During those walks, I regularly see members of the Joint Task Force Empire Shield. These soldiers are part of the National Guard and have been protecting NYC transportation centers and other key locations since the September 11 attacks. I dedicated FIGHT THE SHADOWS to them for the work that they do!

The heroine in the book is a member of JTFSE and lives on base in Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. You don’t get to see that location in the story, however. I am hoping to do another story with Patricia and Rick in the future and maybe I’ll have a scene or two at Fort Hamilton.

Click here to see photos of the JTFSE during training sessions.

As for the hero and heroine, here is how I pictured Patricia and Rick, a former Marine and NYPD officer.