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#WriteWed Read. Write. Repeat.

For the past two weeks I’ve been struggling with how to get my characters from the Take a Chance series together with Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire & Rescue Series since I’m doing a novella for Paige in her Kindle World.

Since my novella is a crossover, I kept on battling with how to get a Jersey heroine to my Dallas firefighter hero. For two weeks I’ve been banging my head about this when the most obvious answer finally came to me. Move the hero to New Jersey!!

So after some more research, I’ll be starting this novella and getting it banged out in time for the January release. The title? HEAT OF THE NIGHT. The hero? A former Navy Seal turned firefighter who was friends with Rafe Castillo from STAY THE NIGHT and Captain Mark Smith from ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE. Can’t say more, but I’m looking forward to writing this story!
Read Write Repeat Writer's Block

#ManCandyMonday Singer & Model Steffen Hughes

Many thanks to my friend Kym A. for turning me onto singer and model Steffen Hughes! It was so awesome getting to spend time with you Kym at the Fall in Love with New England Conference. I met lots of really nice people and some other friends face-to-face for the first time. So awesome. I highly recommend this conference!

But back to Man Candy Monday! Steffen is a singer and model from Alabama. Steffen got his first guitar at age 16 and released his first EP in 2014. Steffen is also an avid fitness advocate. You can find out more about Steffen at his Facebook Fan Page. Thanks to his fan page for this image! Is it getting hot in here or what? Time to call a firefighter!

#ManCandyMonday Mr. Romance Harvey Stables

It was a crazy week at the RT Book Reviews Convention, but soooo much fun. Along the way, I kept my eyes open on your behalf for some Man Candy. Yep, I did it only for you. LOL!

Well, there was a wow as my eyes settled on Mr. Romance 1999 Harvey Stables. A former Canadian football player and firefighter, Harvey is also a devoted father and husband and all around nice guy from everything I heard and saw. And absolutely sexy. Wow, sexy. He could so play Ryder if I could ever be lucky enough to see THE CALLING/REBORN series made into a television show or movie.

So, this morning, I’m going to direct you to a fabulous shot of Mr. Stables! Warning, he is totally Man Candy, so watch out! You can click here to see Harvey!