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Thoughts on Absolute Power, Good and Evil. . .

I’m going to be doing some quest blogging and one of the things on my mind for the guest blog has been “Why are paranormals still so popular? What is that keeps on pulling readers back for more?”

For me it’s about the eternal struggle of good and evil and what happens when someone has immense power. You know that whole, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I guess it’s why the Founding Fathers developed a unique system of checks and balances on the various branches of government and why the press needs to be free of government interference.

But I digress…

Imagine absolute power. Would you use it for good or evil? Is anything ever absolutely good or evil?

Whenever I sit down to write a book, that’s one of the first questions that I ask myself about each and every one of the characters. I’m much more intrigued by people who aren’t perfect and yet choose to use their power in the right way.

What about you? What keeps you coming back to the paranormal genre? I’d like to know so that I can include your thoughts in the blog I’m going to write!