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THE VAMPIRE'S CONSORTHope you all are having a great week so far. Hard to believe Easter is around the corner.

I promised you an excerpt from THE VAMPIRE’S CONSORT and here it is. In these scene, Adrian, the vampire, senses that Eliza has been watching him as he makes love to another woman. To read the prior scene with Eliza, you can click here.

I hope you enjoy this read. If you’re into Audio books, this novella is also available from Audible.com. You can order it here.

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read it!


Free Recipe Book – Special Thursday Treat

Last week I promised you a collection of recipes and here it is! There are recipes which are mentioned and/or connected to my various novels while there are others that are just family favorites.

I hope you will enjoy both making some of these recipes as well as eating them.

If you cannot see the screen below, you can click here to read it. Please note that there is also a download capability with this PDF version.

Recipes for the Romantic Soul

Wicked Wednesday – SINS Prequel

Today I’m sharing with you a prequel for SINS OF THE FLESH, my November 2009 release from Grand Central Publishing. This snippet shows you a little bit more about the hero, Mick Carrera, who is quite a complex individual. It also introduces you to one of his sisters, Roberta – or Bobbie as she is known to friends and family. Bobbie is a Marine heading off to Iraq and here’s a secret for you – if all goes as planned, Bobbie will be the heroine in Book 3 of the SINS series.

If you can’t see the book widget below, you can also read the SINS OF THE FLESH Prequel by clicking here or cutting and pasting the link below into your browser:


Undead Uprising Chapter 22

ww.jpgThis week’s Wicked Wednesday brings you another installment of my urban fantasy involving a twist to the werewolf mythology, battles with vampires and a struggle for control in a werewolf pack. I hope you like this next free chapter that I’m offering you.

In the prior chapters, Catalina had battled two vampires, including a vampire elder. She had killed them both and survived the battle, but not without injury. After word, Caterina recollects about the burden of being a Villalobos and heads home to the man whom she loves, but who refuses to love her . . . until the last chapter (21) when Ramon and Caterina finally allow themselves to explore the feelings they share.

In this chapter, Hemmerich – the villian of the piece — is spying on Ramon and Caterina, watching as they make love. WARNING: This scene is in Hemmerich’s point of view and he is one nasty villian, so expect some nastiness in the scene.

For those of you who may have missed the first chapters, you can read them here:

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Chapter 22
**For those over 17 years of age only**

Using his handheld, Hemmerich broke into the video signals with the password he had stolen from Selena’s PDA. She had trustingly left it for him to search. That had allowed him to hack into the secured sections of the Villalobos network. It had helped that they had played right into his hands by giving him the desk job. Now he had all the time in the world to search out the Villalobos secrets while fulfilling the mundane tasks given to him.

He flipped from one channel to the next, surprised at the extent of the video system. From the front doors of the lobby to nearly every office in the building, each area was under surveillance. But then again, what should he have expected at a company that prided itself on being the tops in security?

Each entrance and exit was protected, but that was useless now that he had gained access to not only their computer system, but their private areas. Even now, Selena waited for him in her bed, unsuspecting of the reasons why he was there.

He continued moving through the channels until he got to the ones he wanted to see most — those watching the top ten floors of the skyscraper housing Villalobos Industries. The lower of those floors were used as a common place for the pack and had an assortment of meeting rooms, a cantina, and an infirmary for taking care of the pack’s sick and wounded. There were even a few small apartments for the older members who could no longer hunt or maintain themselves in the outside world.

The next floor up from the common area had belonged to Hembra’s mother, Marti, when she had been Rafael’s wife. That hadn’t lasted long beyond the birth of yet another daughter and then Marti had fled in shame. Her floors had been empty for a few years before being added to the common ground for the pack. Now, a few of Rafael de Villalobos’s most trusted advisors and Catalina’s human shared part of the space. The remaining area was reserved for visitors from other wolf clans.

In keeping with the hierarchy of the pack, Helena’s floor was next, followed by Selena’s, Catalina’s and finally, that of the top man himself.

Rafael de Villalobos had the entire penthouse floor of the skyscraper, fifty floors up with views that would have been envied by Manhattan’s wealthiest denizens. But then again, the Villalobos riches were likely as great, possibly even greater.

And one day they would be his, Hemmerich thought as he imagined when he would ascend to the leadership of the group.

He paused but for a moment as Selena came into view in one camera. She lay in bed, waiting for him. Stupid little cunt, he thought. She didn’t have a clue that she was just a stepping stone on his way to the top.

With a quick move of his thumb, he shifted to the next channel and found Rafael’s bedroom, only it was empty, although it was clear he had been in bed at some point. The sheets were disheveled, as if he hadn’t been sleeping well. Did he sense that his time was nearly over? Hemmerich wondered.

Another flick and Catalina’s bedroom came into view. She was in bed naked, the human beside her, partially clothed and above the sheets. Disgust curled his lip a moment before other emotions gripped him. Desire. Jealousy.

Catalina had never shown him anything other than disdain, but once he led the pack . . .

He watched as the filthy mortal touched her. Moved his hands against her back, stroked the long perfect line of it. Bent his head and tasted the lips that should have been his to taste.

His anger grew, but so did his need as his body sprang to painful life. Tightly gripping the PDA with one hand, he shifted his other one beneath the waistband of his pajamas. Encircled himself and stroked as he spied on the couple tenderly kissing and holding one another.

He couldn’t see beyond the line of the sheets at their waist, but as Ramon moved, he caught a glimpse of Catalina’s breast with its creamy pale skin and the darker caramel tip. Imagined touching her there. Tasting her. The human finally dared, raising his hand to cup her breast.

Hemmerich groaned and stroked harder. Faster. Wished he could sample her. Imagined her kissing him and that he might soon roll her beneath him. Enter her damp warmth.

The sheets dropped away as Catalina pushed the human to his back. She straddled him, her hips shifting back and forth, searching for a completion that she wouldn’t get from her filthy mortal. He wasn’t wolf enough to face the condemnation of the pack and take her.

Hemmerich would have dared.

And he who dares wins, he reminded himself.

The human grasped her hips with his hands and then rolled, bringing her down onto the sheets once more. Ramon slithered his body down Catalina’s until his head was between her legs . . .

A fine film of sweat covered him as he stroked, just a bit harder, but Hemmerich realized it would be an empty release without a woman’s warmth encircling him. Without Catalina’s heat bathing his body.

He shut down the PDA, tossed it on Selena’s coffee table and rose, intent on fulfilling his needs.

When he stepped into the bedroom, Selena eased up in bed and seeing his condition, smiled. “I can tell you’re happy to see me.”

He battled back his disgust at her lame comment. At the neediness that made her so weak, she couldn’t see that his only desires were first for control of the pack and second, lust for her older half-sister.

Forcing a smile to his lips, he slowly approached the bed, easing off his pajama bottoms and kicking them aside as he neared. “Kiss me,” he said and met her gaze, confirming what he wanted.

He took the final step to the edge of bed and Selena rose to her knees, bent her head, and took him into her mouth.

Wicked Wednesday/Thoughtful Thursday – A SINS Prequel

Sorry to have missed the blog yesterday, but family matters called to me.

I hope you all had a nice day yesterday and also hope you will enjoy this combo day’s offering – a prequel story to SINS OF THE FLESH. The prequel features Mick Carrera and offers some enlightenment on what he does and the kind of man he is beneath his dark and dangerous exterior.

To read the prequel, just click here to download the PDF file!

Tuesday Tip – Reducing Fear and Stress

stressI know it’s tough out there for so many. We’re worried about the economy, our jobs, health, the world in general. There’s craziness going on in the Middle East and North Korea.

But stress is a killer and can take a toll on you mentally and physically. Today we’re lucky to have with us Dr. Debra Holland who is going to offer us today’s Tuesday Tip on how to reduce fear and stress during the recession.

Thanks Debra for dropping by to offer us this information!


By Debra Holland, Ph.D

Financial stress is affecting many Americans. Either they are suffering due to the recession, or they are afraid about their financial future, or both.

This stress is causing sleep disturbances, greater use of alcohol and drugs, compromised immune systems, impatience, irritability, a greater sense of vulnerability, and insecurity. These symptoms strain marital and family relations, cause interpersonal difficulties between colleagues, and lead to health problems.

It’s difficult not to feel stressed, when, by many reports, the economic news seems to be worsening. Each day, newspapers have at least one negative article about the recession, companies struggling or going out of business, charities being underfunded, or personal stories of hardship.

You probably know family members or friends who are out of work. Maybe you even know someone who lost a business or home. Perhaps you worry about the financial health of the company where you work or the business you own. Maybe you worry that furloughs, layoffs, or pay cuts are in your future.

In the last nine months, I have provided counseling services for numerous companies laying off employees. In talking to the individuals who were let go, I’ve seen a significant difference between those who sensed the layoffs coming and took steps to put their finances in order and those who ignored warning signs and
continued to spend their money as they pleased.

Regardless of what’s happening in the economy—something no individual has much control over—those people who took personal control of their finances felt a greater sense of security and experienced less financial fear and stress.

In order to help yourself and your loved ones weather this recession, it’s important to take care of yourself in both internal and external ways. The following are tips to help you keep your stress under control:

Reduce your spending, pay off your debts, and save money. I know this is obvious advice, and most people are already making attempts to do this.

Previously experts advised having three to six months of accessible savings. (Your investments don’t count.) Now most financial experts are stressing six months to a year of accessible savings. As your
savings grow, so will your sense of security.

Update your résumé. It’s always good to have an updated résumé on hand, even if your job is secure, and you plan to remain at the same company for years.

Aim for updating your résumé every six months. You never know when an opportunity will cross your path; so it’s good to be prepared. Also, working on your résumé reminds you what you’ve accomplished and exposes any gaps in your knowledge base or skills you need to address.

Learn new skills and cross train. The more you know, the more valuable you’ll be to your current company. Plus, if you want or need to look for a new job, you can choose from a wider variety of positions.

Take on new or innovative projects at work. This may be difficult if your plate is already full. However, if you can manage to fit a project (or a piece of a project) into your schedule, you’ll show management you’re a great team player. Plus, you’ll add to your skill set and your résumé.

Look for creative ways to have fun and connect with family and friends. A tighter budget doesn’t mean giving up fun. I hear from many people how they are rediscovering simple pleasures such as board games, bike rides, and going to the park with their kids. Adults are enjoying a game of cards or bocce ball with the neighbors, where all contribute to the potluck. Some people have told me they don’t want to return to a life of conspicuous consumption, even when the economy improves.

Use setbacks, such as layoffs, to reevaluate your life. Stop and consider your goals and dreams. Are you in an occupation that fulfills you? Your layoff could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe this is the time to go back to school, either part- or full-time. Or maybe you want to start your own small business, or switch careers. Try taking a class and see what happens. If you don’t have the time to physically attend college, consider an online class.

Focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is an important antidote to the physical and emotional effects of stress. Don’t let your stress cause you to veg out on the couch with junk food. If you are already physically fit, keep up your workout routines. Don’t use economics as an excuse to let your health go. You don’t need a club membership to stay fit. Remember, sit-ups and jumping jacks are free.

If you aren’t already exercising, start taking walks. Being outdoors, absorbing sunshine (vitamin D), fresh air, and nature will help far more than sitting around the house. (If you want to start a more strenuous routine, first consult your doctor.)

For the most part, avoid junk food and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean protein. For snacks stock up on food you can grab–protein bars and drinks, nuts, string cheese, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, small pieces of dark chocolate, baby carrots, and apple slices.

Make sure you take good vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamin B is especially helpful for stress. Add Omega 3 oils such as salmon oil to your diet. Omega 3 oils offer many benefits, including helping to keep the brain healthy and smooth out mood swings.

No matter how your life is spiraling out of control, you still can focus on what you can control–your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Don’t get caught up in everyone else’s fear. Fear is contagious. It’s easy to absorb the stress and concerns of others, especially if you see it on television, read it online and in newspapers and magazines,
and hear stories of others’ misfortunes.

If something concerns you, plan for how you’ll deal with it, instead of building fear fantasies. Although it’s important to plan wisely for the future, projecting fears about what may happen will only produce stress. Studies show that 94% of what we worry about doesn’t happen.

Once you’ve formulated an action plan for possible problems, let go of your fears and stop thinking about them. Tell yourself that you will deal with your concern if and when it occurs. Until then, focus on other things in your life.

Pay attention to your intuition. Intuition is different from logic, emotions, or your fear fantasies. Whether it’s a still small voice or a “gut” feeling, your intuition is an important guide. The problem is that most people don’t stop to listen to their intuition, much less follow it.

During layoffs, I’ve met with people who were upset because they ignored their intuition, perhaps because someone else told them it wouldn’t happen, or if it did, they wouldn’t be affected. At the same company, I’ve also met people who told me that they’d had a sense layoffs would happen, and they’d be let go. These people had taken care of themselves financially, updated their resume, and perhaps already gone on a few job interviews. The news of the layoff was almost a relief because they’d known it was coming and could now get on with the next stage of their lives.

Recite positive affirmations. Affirmations are statements, usually starting with “I,” that encourage you to think along positive lines. The more positive your attitude, the more you think and act in ways
that will make your affirmation come true.

The more enthusiasm you put into your affirmation, the better. I like to say affirmations while walking or running on the treadmill. The cadence seems to enhance the good feeling I receive from them. My favorite affirmation for abundance is: “I have financial success… being of great service…in an easy, relaxed way.”

Take deep breaths. Taking deep breaths is one of the easiest things you can do to immediately de-stress. By breathing deeply, you relax instead of tense your body. Plus, the extra oxygen helps your brain find ways to handle what is stressing you.

Focus on what’s really important in life. The blessings in our lives come from much more than our material possessions. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have (or fear you won’t have in the future) stay aware of what you do have, (for example, the love of family and friends, civil and religious freedom, and your health.)

Be of service. Look for opportunities to give to others. Being of service may be a small act, such as offering the person behind you your place in the grocery line, or something big, like investing a
large amount of your time through volunteering.

Reaching out to others, especially those less fortunate, will keep you aware of the blessings in your life. No matter how big your problems, there’s always someone with larger troubles to put yours in perspective. Helping others also makes you feel good about yourself, an important antidote to stress.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. SPECT imaging research has shown how feeling and expressing gratitude lights up your brain in a positive way. Feeling and expressing gratitude gives an immediate lift to your spirits—a great way to combat stress and fear. Take the time to appreciate both the big and little things in your life. If you are spiritual, give thanks to God for your blessings.

Whether you are experiencing financial difficulties or just feeling concerned about how the economy will affect you, taking external and internal steps to calm your stress will help keep you mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.


To receive a free download of Dr. Debra’s booklet, 58 Tips For Getting What You Want From a Difficult Conversation, go to her website: www.drdebraholland.com and sign up for her newsletter.