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Grilling Your Food & Health Risks #TuesdayTip

This morning I was reading a magazine that mentioned the risks of grilling your food and the connection to cancer. Apparently there is no hard evidence about this, although there are some studies that say that grilling, as well as broiling and frying, can create some compounds that are associated with certain cancers.

There are steps you can take to lower the risk (if it exists).

  • Cook for less time at a much higher temperature.
  • Lower the temperature and cook the meat/fish longer.
  • Trim fat so you don’t get a lot of drips and flare-ups.
  • Clean all charred bits off the grill and take them off your food.
  • Cook fish which doesn’t create as many of the compounds that could harm you.
  • Marinate your meat/fish and use spices like red pepper, rosemary and garlic.

Hope today’s Tuesday Tip was a help!
Grilling Tips

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