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#WriteWed The 12 Sexy Heroes of the Dangerous Passions Box Set & Flower Show

Today’s Write Wednesday inspiration is a sneak peek at the heroes of the Dangerous Passions Box set. They’re alpha and in command. Ready to take on the fight and find love along the way!

Dangerous Passions eBook box set is now available and you can get the Dangerous Passions Box Set at the following e-tailers!

Amazon: http://bit.ly/DPAmzUS
Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/DPAmzUK
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iBooks: http://bit.ly/166itSE
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1z6xv1g

You can click here if you can’t see the Sexy Heroes video below!

And now for something kinder and gentler! LOL! I mentioned I was going to the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday and we had a blast. The theme was Hollywood and in particular, movies from Disney, Pixar and their related companies. The show was lovely this year and here are some photos for you. You can click here if you cannot see the Philadelphia Flower Show photos below.

#TeaserTuesday Tall, Dark & Paranormal Box Set

I hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend! Hard to believe that the “unofficial” end of summer is here, especially since it’s sweltering in NYC.

The end of summer means we turn our thoughts to other holidays like Halloween! I know, it seems far away, but we are going to blink and it will be the end of October.

Tall Dark and Paranormal Box SetTo celebrate Halloween, I’ll be participating in two box sets: Tall, Dark and Paranormal and Seductive Supernaturals!

Tall, Dark and Paranormal is now available for pre-order. Yeah! My contribution to the box set is SINS OF THE FLESH which I just re-released independently. Thank you for all your support for that book both past and present.

Today’s Teaser Tuesday is a video teaser, namely, my trailer for SINS OF THE FLESH. I hope you enjoy it. Click here if you can’t see the SINS OF THE FLESH trailer below.

To purchase Tall, Dark and Paranormal which is now specially priced at 99 cents for a limited time, you can visit these retailers:

Amazon: http://bit.ly/AMZTDP
KOBO: http://bit.ly/KOBOTDP
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/SMTDP

More retailers will be available shortly!

#WriteWed Inspiration for the Sin Hunters Series

AlphaImmortalsWow! I can’t believe that it’s been five years since the first release in the SIN HUNTER series and now I’ve re-released both SINS OF THE FLESH and STRONGER THAN SIN.

Not to mention that THE LOST will be part of the fabulous ALPHA IMMORTALS box set which will be available in early October.

So what inspired the series? For starters, my love of science. I was, and still am, a science nerd. I love watching all those shows on the Discovery Channel and reading about what’s happening, especially with genetics. It’s what led me to use genetic engineering gone wrong as the basis for the first two books.

My love of history combined with my love of science inspired the next two books, THE LOST and THE CLAIMED.

As a kid I avidly read all kinds of history books, especially ones dealing with the history of the Americas. It’s how I got the idea to incorporate Mayan practices and the Quechan language to create the otherwordly Hunters like Adam and Christopher.

What’s going to inspire the next one, THE SHATTERED? Yes, I do plan on writing another one. So many of you have been writing to ask about what happens to Sammie and Ryan and they will get their story. Plus, you’ll get to see more of the Carrera clan and find out how they are all doing.

Back to what will inspire it: I don’t know. It’ll definitely be a meld of the first two in the series with the last two. Genetic engineering meets Hunters with special powers. I’ve just got to figure out how who is going to be the ultimate villain and what they want with the Carreras and the Hunters!

Wicked Wednesday – When Jesse Meets Liliana

Jesse's Back on STRONGER THAN SIN Paranormal RomanceToday I am sharing with you…Jesse’s back! What a gorgeous back and shoulders!

Wait no excerpt? Okay, so I’m also sharing with you an excerpt from STRONGER THAN SIN. This excerpt is the first scene in the book where Jesse meets Liliana, but where you also find out that the two have crossed paths before and not necessarily in a nice way.

Hope you enjoy today’s wicked excerpt! If you cannot see the excerpt below, you can also click here or cut and paste this link into your browser:


Stronger Than Sin Jesse Meets Liliana Excerpt

Wicked Wednesday – STRONGER THAN SIN Available October 2010

Summer Tents in Ocean GroveToday’s Wickedness is from my upcoming release STRONGER THAN SIN which will be out from Grand Central Publishing in October 2010. For those of you who have read SINS OF THE FLESH, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing Dr. Liliana Carrera come back and get her own story. I somehow knew from the moment that Liliana came on the scene that she was special. Of course, that meant that she needed a really amazing hero and Jesse Bradford was born.

Jesse is a sexy football player who had to leave the game because of a bone disease that was discovered when Jesse is injured during a game. Faced with the loss of the one thing that he knows — playing football — Jesse submits himself to genetic engineering in the hopes of saving his career. Of course, he gets way more than he expected which leaves him something more than human, but less than the man he wants to be. Until Liliana comes into his life and the hero must emerge.

I hope you’ll enjoy this short excerpt. You can also read another excerpt from the beginning of the book and some behind the scenes photos of Ocean Grove, where the book is set, by following this link to the STRONGER THAN SIN page.


Jesse wasn’t in his bed when she walked into the room.

Closing the door and locking it behind her, she glanced around the large suite and noticed that he was out on the balcony that faced the beachfront.

Striding toward him, she stopped to put down the bag of take-out she had brought on a low coffee table in a sitting area near the windows and French doors leading to the balcony. She had dropped by her parents’ place again, received another helping of her mother’s soup and other goodies intended to help Jesse feel better.

While she wasn’t sure that there was any medical basis for thinking the food might assist, she knew that mentally it did her a world of good. It reminded her of her roots and the love her family had for her. Something Jesse seemed to have lacked, which saddened her.

Jesse, she thought, staring at his back as he stood facing the ocean. A strong wind was blowing westward, ruffling the shorter strands of his hair.

She hadn’t had a chance to tell him that she liked the change – the shorter hair and clean shaven face.

She wondered if had done it for her which caused a skitter in her midsection along with warmth farther below that he had cared enough to do it.

She had come to discover that about him. Despite all the tabloid gossip and bad boy antics, he cared about others. His sister. Mother. Possibly even the father that denied his existence.

Maybe even her.

She laid her hand over her fluttering midsection and walked to the French door. He seemed distant, a solitary figure looking almost lost against the vastness of the ocean before him.

Not wanting to intrude without welcome, she rapped on the glass door and waited for his reception.

He turned, his face grim and set in sharply chiseled lines. They relaxed somewhat as he saw her, grabbed the handle of the door and slid it open.

She stepped out onto the balcony and he closed the door behind them.

The wind increased the chill of a day that was quickly fading to night. Intense reds and purples painted the sky and the ocean had darkened to slate grey with the arrival of night.

“Cold,” she said and wrapped her arms around herself. Even though she still had on her winter jacket, the wind seeped beneath the wool, which made her wonder how he stood there in nothing but fleece sweats braving the wind. Once again staring out at the ocean. The white of the bandage at his temple a glaring contrast to his skin in the dim dusk.

“Aren’t you cold?” she asked and patted her arms to try and generate some heat.

He hunched his shoulders, shot her a half glance. “I wasn’t sure you’d come back.”

“I said I would. I needed to see how you’re doing.”

He gave another shrug, seemingly indifferent except she sensed undercurrents beneath. Dangerous ones.

“I’m here. I’m alive. Consider your obligation fulfilled.”

A self-defense mechanism? she wondered. Push her away –push what he was feeling away – in order to keep from being hurt?

Only as she had discovered after pouring her heart out to Carmen, it was no easy thing to keep him at bay. Somehow he had touched her. Infiltrated those areas she had thought safe.

Trying to shore up her defenses, she beckoned toward the bag of food on the table within. “I brought food. I thought you might be hungry.”

Some emotion finally cracked the stern lines of his face. A hint of a smile and glitter in eyes that had gone to slate grey. He took a long stride toward her, until barely inches separated them. Laying a hand at her waist, he bracketed her side with it, sending her insides quivering.

Jesse glanced down at her, sensing the tremor in her body.

She was as aware of him as he was of her. At his touch, her gaze had gone wide, revealing eyes that were nearly black with desire. When she moistened her lips, the last of his restraint disappeared.

He bent his head, whispered against her lips. “I’m hungry, but not for food.”

Then he closed the distance and kissed her.

Wicked Wednesday – SINS Prequel

Today I’m sharing with you a prequel for SINS OF THE FLESH, my November 2009 release from Grand Central Publishing. This snippet shows you a little bit more about the hero, Mick Carrera, who is quite a complex individual. It also introduces you to one of his sisters, Roberta – or Bobbie as she is known to friends and family. Bobbie is a Marine heading off to Iraq and here’s a secret for you – if all goes as planned, Bobbie will be the heroine in Book 3 of the SINS series.

If you can’t see the book widget below, you can also read the SINS OF THE FLESH Prequel by clicking here or cutting and pasting the link below into your browser:


Wicked Wednesday – Free Read from SINS OF THE FLESH

SINS OF THE FLESH by Caridad Pineiro Grand Central Publishing November 2009This Wicked Wednesday I wanted to share some more SINS OF THE FLESH! This scene is farily along in the book, after Mick and Caterina have had an initial encounter and the attraction between them has started to grow as they battle to find out what is happening with Caterina and if she truly is a murderer.

I hope you enjoy this Wicked Read!

Please do not proceed if you are not over 17

The right thing, Mick thought, closed the door and approached the bed where Caterina rested, her gaze locked on him as he neared.

Her skin had lost the flush of fever and returned to its creamy hue. Thick curly locks of her nearly black hair, heavy with moisture, rested against the side of her face.

As she turned the deep blue of her gaze up to meet his, she said, “No matter what happens at the end, you’ve done the right thing by me.”

At the end, he thought, unsure of anything other than the fact that this would all not end well for someone. Whether it was Edwards or Mad Dog or Caterina or even himself, someone would likely pay a high price at the conclusion of this assignment.

Mick sat on the edge of the recliner and cradled her cheek. Her skin bore a slight chill from the water and was smooth beneath the pad of his finger. So smooth and womanly.

Caterina covered his much larger hand with hers. His palm was rough. Clearly the hand of a man who worked hard with his hands. A strong hand, she thought as she moved her hand past his wrist and to his forearm. The hair on his arm soft beneath her palm. His body muscled and lean until she reached the edge of the bandage on his forearm covering the wound he had received battling for her. Another scar to add to the others on his body.

It had to be the fever that was making her remember just how that body had felt against hers when he had held her in the pool. How he had kissed her and she him, rousing passion that might be better left unexplored only . . .

“Would you hold me?” She needed the human contact. Needed the affirmation that she was still a woman. A desirable woman unless she was misreading the signals he was giving off.

“If holding is all you want, I may not be your man,” Mick replied and dipped his thumb down to trace the edges of her lips.

“I want more. I want to feel alive again,” Caterina said.

She was using him, but it wouldn’t be the first time or the last that a woman did that, Mick thought. Considering he found her damned attractive, weird genes and all, why not give into the temptation and get it out of his system.

“Move over,” he said.

Caterina shifted to the center of the bed and he joined her there, lying on his side and facing her. Their bodies less than a foot apart.

“Touch me,” she said and pulled away the sheet, exposing the fullness of her breasts with their soft tips.

He ran the pads of his fingers across the tip of one breast. Cupped the weight of it in his hand and rubbed his thumb across the tip until her nipples beaded into stiff nubs. He needed to taste, he thought and bent his head, licked the one tip while continuing to caress the other nipple with his hand.

She arched her back to give him easier access and cradled the back of his head. Moaned as he teethed the peak of one breast. He soothed that gentle nip with another lick and suckled at her breast while shifting one hand downward, across the flat expanse of her midsection. Past the delicate indent of her navel until the curls between her legs brushed the tips of his fingers.

She moved closer and threw her thigh up over his, inviting him to her most private core.

Tardily he accepted that invitation, skimming his fingers across her center until the sensitive nub swelled and his fingers dropped lower and experienced the wet of her femininity.

Caterina gasped as he explored that dampness, gripping his shoulders as he eased in first one finger and then another, stretching her in preparation for his possession.

“Mick,” she keened, shifting her hips against his hand. Holding his head to her, but wanting to feel the warmth of his body beside her.

He slipped inches away and she reached for the hem of his shirt. Pulled it over his head while he skimmed the sweat pants down his body, revealing the nakedness beneath the fleece.

She laid her hands on his shoulders once more and took a moment to enjoy all of him that was visible. The articulated and defined muscles of his body. The scars and bruises that spoke of a man familiar with danger and accustomed to violence.

But there was nothing violent about the way he touched her. About the gentleness of his mouth and hands as he resumed his loving.

She once again granted him access and he used it to full advantage, rousing her passion much as she urged him on, using her hands to stroke him. Playing him much as she might a sonata, each measured beat and pull of her hands giving him pleasure until he, too, was trembling and breathing roughly.

“I can’t wait anymore, Cat,” he said, rolling her beneath him. His arms braced on either side of her body as he slipped between her legs, but paused before entering her.

“I can’t either, Mick,” she replied and dropped one hand so she could encircle him and guide him into the center of her.

He sucked in a shaky breath as she gasped at his entry, held still as her body accommodated to the size of him. Thick in girth and perfect in length, he filled her completely.

She was the first to move, raising her knees to grasp his hips. The motion driving him even deeper within.

He met her gaze then, his eyes almost black with desire. A flush across the high cheekbones inherited from some long ago Aztec descendant. Full lips she wanted to savor.

She cradled the straight strong line of his jaw and brought her lips to his. Eased her tongue past the seam of his mouth to mimic the motion of their bodies. Her tongue darting against his much like he was drawing her ever closer to release with the pumping of his hips.

His movements grew more hurried and she urged him on with the soft cries of pleasure she whispered against his lips until something suddenly coalesced in the center of her.

The energy gathered into a ball and then exploded throughout her body, pulling him into her and caressing him as her climax overtook her body.

Mick exhaled roughly against her mouth as her soft cry of completion came against his lips and the muscles of her body milked him, pulling and tightening on him as his own release erupted in his body.

He managed to drive into her a few more times, prolonging her climax, but then he dropped down onto her, drained. His body heavy against hers, but she wrapped her arms around him and urged, “Don’t leave me yet.”

Yet, he realized, glad that she understood the limits of what they had just experienced, but saddened by that as well.

He allowed himself to bask in the pleasure of her soft skin beneath him, and the heat and wet of her center as her body caressed him while he slowly softened within her.

The temperature of her body remained warm, a little more than normal. Thankfully nothing like it had been earlier in the night.

Guilt rose up on so many levels, but he ruthlessly drove it back, justifying what had just happened with one simple truth.

They had both wanted it to happen.

The question was, now that it had, where did they go from here?