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DragonCon Spirit Orbs and a challenge!

Had lots to do at DragonCon, but as you know from the last few days on the blog, I was able to go out and enjoy the wondrous costumes created by some of the attendees. As I was uploading my photos on the first day, I noticed something unusual on one of the photos – orbs.

You may remember our discussion about spirit orbs from last year (you can click here for that blog post). So while I was uploading to Facebook, I mentioned the orbs to my friend Joy Nash and lo and behold – she had similar orbs on her shot of the same people! You can check them out down below.

This is my shot of the angel couple. I’ve circled the orbs for you.


This is Joy’s shot of the orbs where I’ve circled 3 orbs as well.


Dust? Pollen? Did I mention that none of our other photos seemed to have these orbs?

Luckily, Dave Tango from the Ghost Hunters happened by our booth and my friend Shannon talked to him about the orbs. Probably dust or pollen, Dave said. He explained that digital cameras interpret what they are seeing and make shapes out of things like dust. But he did say that if the two shots were taken at different times and different locations, that might warrant some further investigation.

Here’s a picture of Dave and me at the booth!

So how about you? Do you believe in spirit orbs? If you were at DragonCon and got a picture of this angel couple, do you have orbs? If so, please send me an e-mail with the photo. You can click here to contact me!