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#Tuesday Trivia – 12 Days of Christmas

So do you know what are the real Twelve Days of Christmas? They are the twelve days from Christmas Day to the eve of the Epiphany (Little Christmas or Los Reyes if you’re Latin). Each of the days either celebrates a saint or has a particular feast attached to it. You can read more about that here: https://www.whychristmas.com/customs/12daysofchristmas.shtml

The last night of the 12 Days is Twelfth Night and is the Eve of the Epiphany or Los Reyes. In my house we still celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men (or the Three Kings) and have a celebratory meal and exchange small gifts.

As for the song about the Twelve Days of Christmas, you know the one with the Partidge in Pear Tree, guess how much all those gifts would cost you this year! According to Business Insider, nearly $35,000! (see http://read.bi/2Dff58Q).
12 Days of Christmas

Welcome to the Three Kings Today!

It’s the Epiphany! Little Christmas to some and Los Reyes Magos to Latinos in many countries. Los Reyes (The Three Wise Men/Magi) is celebrated with a variety of festivals and parades as you can see by clicking to view this video of a parade for Los Reyes in Madrid.

Los Reyes bring small gifts and toys much like they would have brought gifts for the baby Jesus. In my house, my parents would leave little gifts near the fireplace and my sister and I would leave carrots and other vegetables for the camels to eat. One year my sister woke up the entire house because she had heard the camels on the rooftop and had seen one of them looking in through the window!

We still keep this tradition in my household and when I get home tonight from work, we’ll open up the little gifts that Los Reyes have brought.

How about you? Do you celebrate the coming of the Three Wise Men? Do you have a special tradition that you do on Christmas Eve or through the 12 Days of Christmas until the Epiphany?


Thoughtful Thursday – Holiday Gift Giving


Here’s a little holiday gift for you! I played Santa at the office this morning, giving a few little gifts to my support staff.

I like giving to people. Both material items, but also more importantly, things like love, support and hopefully, a shoulder when they need it.

This year the economy is a little worrisome, so I’m watching my pennies as most people are. If I knew what was happening with the car companies, it might make me spend a little more, which makes me wonder if Congress gave that a thought — how much money would be pumped into the economy if people thought there was a reasonable bail out in place.

But no bail out, so watching my spending. No bail out, so stocks are dropping, making me even more cautious.

Makes you wonder what these Congressional types are thinking, doesn’t it?