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Guilty Pleasure Javier Bardem

He was serial killer scary in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, but this weekend, as I watched VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA, my heart did a little pitter patter each time Javier Bardem stepped onto the screen.

Those sexy bedroom eyes, deep and mysterious. Dimples and a smile that transforms his face. Handsome in a rugged way, not pretty like Brad Pitt.

I’m not a celebrity watcher, but you don’t have to be to know he married Penelope Cruz recently. She was also in the movie playing his crazed gun-wielding ex-wife. Besides marrying an actress, Javier comes from a long line of people involved in Spanish cinema. I’m glad he made the transition to English-speaking roles so that we had a chance to discover him!

The movie was interesting. I might watch it again for more glimpses of Javier if time allows. The themes in the movie are definitely adult, so this is one for you and your hubby or girlfriends.

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Gregory Peck

from Roman Holiday - In the public domain according to WikipediaToday’s Guilty Pleasure is an oldie, but goodie – Gregory Peck.

It’s funny really. We were just talking about TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD the other day and this weekend what was on – TO KILL A MOCKINGBORD as well as CAPOTE. Watched the first (for which Peck won the Oscar), but fell asleep during the latter(because I was tired and not because it wasn’t a good movie! Note that Hoffman won the Oscar for his portrayal of Capote). Why the connection between the two? Harper Lee, the author of Mockingbird was good friends with Capote and assisted him while he was working on IN COLD BLOOD.

But back to Peck. I always found Peck to be so masculine and handsome. Very refined as well. Even when he was older, as in THE OMEN he had presence on the screen.

How about you? What’s your favorite Peck movie?