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Guilty Pleasure Monday – Scott McGillivray

There’s a cute new host over at HGTV – Scott McGillivray. Scott hosts a show INCOME PROPERTY on the channel where he helps people update/renovate properties to produce income for them. I love what he’s done to a number of the spaces and on top of that, he’s a hottie!

You can check him out at his website at http://scottmcgillivray.com/ or visit him on his Facebook page:


Guilty Pleasure Monday – Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie at HGTV - Used under fair use provisionsWhile surfing through the channels, I discovered this delicious Aussie dish who is doing one of my favorite things – gardening! Jamie Durie is an award-winning landscape architect and television host of HGTV’s new television show – THE OUTDOOR ROOM.

On the show, Jamie uses his landscaping skills to develop beautiful outdoor rooms out of problem backyards. From what I’ve seen so far, the outdoor rooms are nice and make me wish I lived in a clime where it was possible to have an “outdoor room.”

Want to know something else about Jamie? He was one of the founders of THE THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER/MANPOWER Male Revue!

Here’s some footage of an early Jamie doing an audition about MANPOWER. You can click on this link to see the interview with Jamie Durie. Thanks to ET for making this footage available.