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Guilty Pleasures Monday – Blast from the Past Burt Reynolds

Even as a young woman I always thought Burt Reynolds was hot. There was something totally Bad Boy about him and he had the kind of dark looks and athletic build that I like. Then he confirmed his Bad Boy status by posing in the nude for Cosmo.

Mind you, that pose was the stuff that said Women’s Lib had arrived. For years men had salivated over Playboy centerfolds and now it was Our Turn – We Are Women Hear Us Roar!

So, today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is that piece of American History and Burt in all his hirsute glory.

Burt Reynolds from Cosmo - Used Under Fair Use Provisions

On a more serious note, every Monday we have our Guilty Pleasures, some guiltier than others. Some might say that objectifying men in this fashion is as bad as men objectifying women in those centerfolds. Do you agree or do you think it’s okay to appreciate a beautiful form as long as it’s not for prurient purposes?

Inquiring minds want to know on this wet and dreary Monday morning.