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#ThrowbackThursday A Hawaii Anniversary Trip

Hubby and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii and many many many years later, returned for an anniversary trip. One of the things I loved doing was going snorkeling to see all the fish. This is a photo of me, all ready to hit the water and see the fish.
Hawaii Snorkeling

Here is some video I shot while snorkeling! Click here if you cannot see the video below or follow this link: https://youtu.be/i_V6mz0fBmo

#ThrowbackThursday A Tropical Honeymoon

Wow, it seems like yesterday, but it isn’t! Hubby and I treated ourselves to a honeymoon in Hawaii and had a lovely time. So much so that we did another visit to Hawaii for an anniversary. Our first trip was to Oahu and our second was to Maui. I have to say I liked Oahu a lot better since there was more to do. Hubby and I are not sit by the pool people. We like to see and visit local spots and Oahu certainly had a lot of them. Besides Pearl Harbor, which was an incredibly moving experience, we enjoyed snorkeling in Hanauma Bay and an intimate luau (Just us and 5,000 other close friends!). Okay, it wasn’t 5000, but it certainly wasn’t “intimate.”

Here is a photo of us on that first trip! I think this was on a dinner cruise that we did.