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#ThrowbackThursday My Pride and Joy Helping Others After Hurricane Sandy

It’s been five years since Hurricane Sandy barreled into New Jersey wreaking havoc in so many places and forever changing so many towns, especially along the Jersey Shore.

My daughter had only just opened her surf and skate shop when Sandy hit her quaint town. She was lucky that her shop didn’t suffer physical damage although the town did. Parts of the town were flooded, the boardwalk was destroyed in sections, the Great Auditorium was damaged, and a large portion of a fishing pier disappeared into the surf.

In addition to the physical damage, the economic downturn was devastating to so many small businesses including my daughter’s. But as much as she was hurting, that didn’t stop her from helping others. She sold tickets to a One Direction concert that she had fought hard to get and saved to by and she donated that money and a portion of her surf and skate shop’s income to the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting association so they could rebuild and help local residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Here are some photos of the day my daughter went to present them with a check for their rebuilding efforts. I am so proud of her and the kind and giving person she is!

#ThrowbackThursday One Direction Contest & My Mini-Me

When Hurricane Sandy hit nearly three years ago, we were lucky that my daughter’s just opened surf and skate shop was not physically damaged. Economically was a different story since the area really suffered during that first year. Despite that, and hurting herself, my daughter donated a portion of her sales to Hurricane Sandy relief and even sold her One Direction tickets and donated that money.

She was able to see One Direction last year since I bought her tickets for a conference last year, but she’d love to see them again and is part of a contest. Please help her out by clicking here to like her video!