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#WriteWed Chrysler Building & Jersey Girl Bridesmaids

I am so excited to say I’ve finished the first book in the Jersey Girl Bridesmaids series, tentatively titled Since We Were 18. It’s off to my agent for a read and final tweaks before it goes to my new publisher Sourcebooks.

I am really happy about how the story turned out and I hope you will enjoy this sexy, emotional and fun tale about a Romeo and Juliet relationship, without all the tragedy. Okay, some drama, but a very rewarding Happily-Ever-After.

Two of the Jersey Girls, Maggie Sinclair and Connie Reyes, actually work in Manhattan just yards away from each other in the Chrysler Building and its Annex. Why there? Well, because this is where I work and hang during the day, so I thought I’d share some of that with you.

Maggie’s office is in the Chrysler Building so today’s Write Wednesday is some photos of that lovely place. It is without a doubt my favorite building in all of Manhattan. There is so much attention to detail and quality in the materials used. It really was a labor of love for Walter Chrysler. It shows in every aspect of the building. I am going to try and get some more photos for you of the gargoyles and other elements that are high up so you can truly appreciate some of the secrets of this building! But for now, some photos from the lobby through which Maggie Sinclair walks every morning (lol like me).

#FridayFunday Writers and Deadlines

If there’s one thing that writers dread, besides the synopsis of course, it’s a deadline. I, for one, freak out if a deadline is approaching and I’m not where I want to be in the story I’m writing. Luckily for me, I just finished the first draft of SINCE WE WERE 18, the first book in the Jersey Girl Bridesmaid series. I have had a blast writing Maggie and Jax’s story and am already itching to write the next one, WE DANCED ALL NIGHT which features uber responsible lawyer Connie and Jax’s brother, thrill-seeker/surfer dude/bestselling author Johnson.

In a few days that draft will be off to my agent well in advance of my deadline. But for all the other times I freaked and for all my writer friends who dread that deadline, a little fun this Friday with this quote from Douglas Adams.
deadlines doug adams

P.S. For those who might be wondering why I chose a typewriter, I wrote my first book on a typewriter. Not fun.

#WickedWednesday A Teaser from DARE TO LOVE in TAMING THE VAMPIRE

Taming the VampireI’m am very excited to be in a new anthology – TAMING THE VAMPIRE – with a bunch of my friends who write vampire romance. My contribution to the collection is DARE TO LOVE, a new story in THE CALLING IS REBORN Vampire series. Best of all, the anthology is only 99 cents for a limited time! You can read more about here: http://bit.ly/tamingvamp

DARE TO LOVE features vampire slayer Benjamin, a sexy alpha hero who first appeared in TO LOVE AND SERVE.

Today I have a little teaser and excerpt for you from that story, but a warning first. There is a SPOILER ahead so if you haven’t read the latest books in THE CALLING is REBORN series, please DO NOT READ this teaser.


    Months earlier, Slayer Council member Benjamin hadn’t been ready to die and begged for his life from a compassionate vampire. Being turned and living as a vampire had created a new hell for him, however. He was no longer welcome in the Council, but tolerated as their ranks had been depleted. He knew that it was just a matter of time until someone staked him, but he wanted to make the most of it, especially when it came to Slayer-in-training Rhiannon.

    Rhiannon had been attracted to Ben when he had been her instructor in the ways of the Slayers. His death had caused her grief, but his return was proving to be even more difficult as she battled her growing feelings for the Slayer-turned-vampire who was shaking up her beliefs in all that she had been taught.

    Can Ben and Rhiannon dare to defy the rules of the Slayers and find love or will Fate make them enemies sworn to kill one another?


Please click here if you cannot see the excerpt from DARE TO LOVE from TAMING THE VAMPIRE.

Jersey Girl Bridesmaids Kozie Giveaway

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#ManCandyMonday Liam Hemsworth

I’m working on SINCE WE WERE 18 (the tentative title for #1 in the Jersey Girl Bridesmaids series) and the brother of the hero is a laid-back, thrill-seeking, surfer-type dude. His name is Johnson, but everyone calls him J for a variety of reasons. I’ve been thinking of who I might cast to play J and Liam Hemsworth came to mind. Welcome Liam to Man Crush Monday!

Photo Credit: Kurt Kulac (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

#ThrowbackThursday A Retail Family, B. Altman, & Jersey Girl Bridesmaids

Sometimes you have an epiphany and this morning was one of those days as I considered what to share with you on this Throwback Thursday.

Some of you may know that my daughter owns her own surf and skate shop in Ocean Grove. From when she was about 10, she was fixated on fashion and owning her own shop. I could understand the fashion thing since my mom, unlike me, was a fashion plate. My mom was always dressed to the nines and was a sewing goddess. She’d make her own clothes and people would ask her if she was wearing Chanel.

But the wanting to own a shop part didn’t click until this morning when I thought about sharing this photo with you!

This is my dad at work in his father’s store in Havana. My grandfather’s store although I never really got to meet my grandfather since he stayed in Cuba and died there when I was a teen.
Except for a brief stint as a truck driver when my dad first got here from Cuba, my dad always worked retail. Actually, my dad was a fashion plate as well. He had an innate sense of what to wear and what colors worked well together. But back to the retail thing . . .

My dad worked at B. Altman & Co. for over 20 some years and I basically grew up in that store. From visits during the holidays to see the windows and visit Santa to working there part time in high school and through college, Altman’s was a part of my life. My mom would even take us to Altman’s Charleston Gardens on occasion for tea and confections.

I loved it and even considered accepting their offer of going through their management program, but in the end, I knew I wanted to get a college degree. Even that was facilitated in some part by the store since the Vice President of the store gave me a glowing recommendation during a scholarship interview for Villanova.

Altman’s treated their employees right. Commissions, a great thrift shop, purchasing discounts, training, and an excellent employee cafeteria.

Sadly, an IRS ruling forced the Altman Foundation to sell the stores and the new owners ended up having to declare bankruptcy.

The original Altman’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue was declared a landmark in 1985 and now houses a public library, CUNY graduate school and Oxford University Press.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, Altman’s and the other New York City stores that are now long gone (Gimbels, Bamberger’s, Bonwit Teller, Abraham & Strauss, EJ Korvette, Woolworth’s) really provided a very different way of life in the city. A better more genteel way of life. These stores provided jobs to so many people, but more importantly, they created memories at the same time.

You’ll see that in the first book in the Jersey Girl Bridesmaids as Maggie Sinclair, the heroine, tries to save the department store chain that her mother’s family founded over a century ago. I’ve incorporated a lot of my experiences working in Altman’s, but also growing up during that heydey of all the New York City department stores into the book.