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#ManCandyMonday Paul Rudd

With New Jersey Stronger than the Storm (#STTS) as Memorial Day approaches, I thought it would be nice to pick a fellow Jerseyan this morning for your Man Candy!

Paul was born in Passiac, New Jersey, but raised in Kansas. You’ve seen him in countless movies, from his 1995 appearance in CLUELESS to his latest appearances in THIS IS 40 and PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (fabulous movie by the way!).

There is just something aw shucks, sexy boy-next-door about Paul that is so appealing. I hope you’ll think so, too!


Photo Credit: Author=lukeford.net Creative Commons License Use

#ManCandyMonday, The Pen is Mightier than the Storm and The End of the World!

So much to do today and so little time so let’s start with the Man Candy! Today’s choice is Justin Tuck, defensive end for the New Jersey Giants (sorry NY. They play in JERSEY!!).

Justin is a fabulous ball player and also involved in a number of charities. This picture has him in serious mode, but he’s got a great smile. You may recognize him from the Subway television commercials. I love watching him chase after the quarterbacks and it’s no wonder he’s been selected to the Pro-Bowl for his feats on the field!

Photo Credit: Daniela Farrera@en.wikipedia.com

Next up! Thank you to my lovely friend Steph and everyone else at Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust for letting me visit with them today. I’m sharing my thoughts on Hurricane Sandy and the damage to the Jersey Shore. We’re also having a giveaway of a copy of THE FIFTH KINGDOM (one of my favorites!) for one lucky participant.

Last, but not least, the end of the world is almost upon us! Visit with me and Bianca D’Arc at the International Heat blog as we chat about what we’d love to do and whether or not our alien overlords will arrive on December 21. Follow the instructions on the blog for a chance to win one of the many prizes being offered as part of the End of the World party!

Thoughtful Thursday – Summer is Here!

We seem to have shot straight from winter to summer in New York City, going from nights in the thirties to days in the eighties overnight.

But I’m not complaining because I am so not a winter girl. I live for the spring and summer months because I love being outdoors. Whether it’s working in the garden or taking long walks along the beach, there is something about being closer to nature that energizes me.

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago during one of those walks. It’s of a huge kite that was flying in Belmar, New Jersey during a weekend kite festival.

That’s another thing I love about being down the shore. There is always something going on and its usually within walking distance! What could be better?

How about you? What is your favorite season and why do you like it?

Boats entering Shark River Inlet
This is a photo of boats entering the Shark River Inlet located between Avon-by-the-Sea and Belmar

Also, if you’d like some thoughts on how to deal with a day job and a writing career, take a moment to visit with me at the Savvy Authors blog!

Wicked Wednesday – Behind the Scenes at Fort Hancock

NPS photo Fort HancockIt’s fun to research the places where you’ll be setting your novel and I always try to visit those places as well. That’s why part of the book takes place in Philadelphia, one of my favorite cities, and also why the rest of the book is set on the Jersey Shore. I love the Jersey Shore and taking time to explore its unique towns this spring and summer has been a blast.

When it came time to find somewhere intriguing for the big finish, there were lots of places to consider. Cheesequake State Park and the Twin Lights came to mind. Then I remembered taking a trip to the tip of Sandy Hook and knew where those scenes would take place – Fort Hancock.

Aiming the Guns at Fort Hancock - Copyright ExpiredFort Hancock has played a major role in the defense of New York Harbor, from its days in the late 1800s when the Nation’s first concrete gun batteries were built there, to World War II when it was used to watch for German subs and the 1950s, when the Nike Air Defense missiles were housed there to protect against airborne attack.

In 1958, a series of Nike Ajax missiles exploded at the park, killing ten people. You can visit the memorial at Guardian Park in Fort Hancock. To read more about this, you can click here.

The invention of ICBMs made the Nike system obsolete and the Fort was decommissioned in 1972 and the National Parks Service took over the area.

Gun Battery from National Parks ServiceThe fort has a number of gun batteries, some of which you can visit, and some which are closed off due to their delicate state. Beneath those batteries are tunnels and ammo storage areas that provided a perfect place for me to set some scenes! You can click here for some great photos of the area and tunnels.

If you’re in the area, drop by and check out Sandy Hook and Fort Hancock. It’s a beautiful park, the buildings and batteries are fascinating to see and you have an amazing view of New York Harbor as well.

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