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#WriteWed You’ve Got a Friend

Whether you’re up or you’re down, friends are there to help or cheer. Today’s Writing Wednesday is all about friends, including all of you who make my day with your e-mails and comments.

The one best thing about my writing has been making so many new friends. It’s just been absolutely awesome and the source of so much joy, knowledge, fun and inspiration.

So today I’m sharing just some shots of the buddies I was able to meet at RT this year. You can click “See on Pinterest” to check out more photos!

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Guilty Pleasures Monday Redux Michael Weatherly

This morning’s Guilty Pleasure is a worthy repeat: Michael Weatherly.

If you’re wondering why I have Michael on the brain again, take a moment to visit my author spotlight at the wonderful Joyfully Reviewed website.

Michael first caught my eye as Logan Cale on DARK ANGEL, but I absolutely love him as Agent Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS!

Being a hopeful romantic, I had always wanted the Tony character to end up in a relationship with Kate. Of course that became impossible when they killed her off.

Now I’ve set my sites on Ziba as the most likely candidate for Tony. Let’s hope they don’t write Ziba out either, although as Michael commented in one interview, the NCIS really stands for “No Character is Safe.”

Let’s hope our movie-loving, wise-cracking totally sexy Tony is spared such a fate.

Michael Weatherly Photo Credit:

Fun Friday – Elf Your Self

Wow! Christmas Eve is only 12 days away! 12 days! So if you’re not in the mood, let’s hope this little dance helps bring some cheer onto your face. Check out the dancer in the lead. None other than little ol’ me.

But before I get to that, thanks to my friends at Joyfully Reviewed for making SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN one of their December Holiday picks! You can read their review here:

Now back to some holiday fun. This little Elf Dance is courtesy of Office Max’s Elf Yourself. You can click here to make yourself into an elf for the holidays just like I did.

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