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Fun Friday – Christmas is almost here!

Saturday we went and chopped down our tree in our annual holiday tradition. The weather was brisk, but not too cold as we traipsed through the fields, searching for this year’s victim… I mean tree.

We went through a number of different evergreens, avoiding the kind that had drawn blood last year with incredibly prickly sharp needles. The white pines were looking a little yellow due to bouts of warmer weather the week before so we walked and walked, avoiding holes and stumps from prior years. Finally we found a patch of odd-looking pines. Some kind of cedar I suspect from the smell of the small round we cut from the end, another holiday tradition. Hubby has a box filled with a piece of the stump from every Christmas tree since my daughter was born, each one carefully labeled with the year.

After dragging it home on the roof of the Jeep, we set it up and began the decorating. As always half the lights were dead, so we ran out and bought some new LED bulbs. Very bright and they’re shaped like the old ones hubby and I remembered from when we were kids. Hopefully I won’t have to replace them again next year.

So today’s Fun Friday is a little video of our tree selection and decoration! Hope you all have a fun weekend!