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#WriteWed Glorious Summer Mornings

I’ve been struggling with a story for the last few weeks. Don’t know why, but something hit me the other day that just was a big “Duh!” and made everything make sense finally.

I guess this is why you should outline a story first, but I’m really still a pantser. To some, I would call it being “organic” which is BS for I’m a pantser. LOL.

But this realization came to me as I was taking a stroll along the boardwalk, working out some plot issues and wondering if I would ever finish the story. It was a glorious summer morning (summers start on Memorial Day down the shore!) much like this morning. Bright blue sky. Slight breeze. Not too hot or too cold. Lovely.

Days like that lift me up and inspire. You could say the clear they cobwebs out of my brain so that the “Duh!” moment can happen and the story can progress.

So, that’s my Write Wednesday for today. I’ll leave you with this photo of some lovely lilies I saw in Bryant Park this morning as I walked to my office.
Bryant Park Lilies