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#ThrowbackThursday RT 2011 Los Angeles

I’ve been to a number of RT Book Club Conventions and hope to get to another one soon. This is a photo from the 2011 convention in Los Angeles. It was lots of fun to visit with my California friends and get to meet so many new friends.

This was a new furry friend I encountered on the way to one of the workshops. He needed lots of manscaping and was into wearing a collar, but that didn’t stop me! LOL!

Mr. Romance 2011

On today’s rainy dreary, but Wicked Wednesday, I have a short video of the intro to the Mr. Romance competition and some photos to share.

First let me say, this year’s contestants were totally hot! I could picture more than one of them on the cover of a novel and Len, the winner, is definitely going to make a great cover model. Whether a cowboy, tycoon, vampire or military man, Len can fit the bill.

So, here goes on the video!

Here is a picture of Mr. Romance 2011 with my buddy Myrna! You can click here to see more photos from this year’s wonderful RT Convention.

Guilty Pleasures Monday – Chris O’Donnell

My first recollection of today’s Guilty Pleasure – Chris O’Donnell – was his role as Robin aka Nightwing in the original Batman franchise. I thought he was a cutie back then and have been waiting for him to come back. Add the fact that I love NCIS and the pilot that ran for the spinoff looked great, I’m eagerly awaiting the premiere of the NCI: Los Angeles spin-off.


You can read more about the spin-off and see some video clips (CBS doesn’t allow you to embed them!) by visiting the official NCIS:Los Angeles web page here or cutting and pasting this link in your browser: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ncis_los_angeles/

Are you looking forward to this spin-off of a spin-off? (The original NCIS was a spin-off from JAG)